Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A word on food.....

Many people are asking what food I like to eat. Well, I like and eat anything, but what I have learned is that there are thing that go best with cancer. So, while I am not sure what my exact needs will be, here are the general cancer guidelines. I will know more as my treatment goes on, what my side effects are, etc. I plan to meet with a nutritionist as I understand my response to chemo and radiation. General Guidelines:
  • Focus on eating more higher calorie foods with emphasis on protein.
  • Include more dairy products including eggs (hard with the temperature issue, but okay)
  • Include more things with sauces and gravies (make things easier to go down with mouth sores)
  • Include more butter and oil (make things easier to go down)
  • Sometimes you have to eat less of certain high fiber foods because of diarrhea and sore mouth. Remember, I have a butt tumor!
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce sugar, alcohol, and salt (dehydration)

So, here is an idea especially for those who live close. If you are at the market and see a yummy piece of fruit, pick it up and put in on my porch. I will come to the door if I am up for it. Or a bag of salad or whatever.....thank you! Right now, I need to get to the couch.


Vicki Olafson said...

My dear friend
God how I love your strength, courage and bad-ass attitude. That will take you far on this journey you are on.
You are truly surrounded by the best doctors and the most geniune of friends/loved ones.
After our chat the other day, a whirlwind of things flashed back into my head of a time that you know all too well. But there was success from that time in my life and he's still living life to the fullest.

I know in my heart this will be the same case for you as well. The love and strength of a good man by your side, adorable children to put more gray hair on that lovely head and that wonderful, humorous spirit of your will carrry you through this.

Some helpful hints (like you aren't getting enough of this from the docs and friends:
keep popcicles in the freezer at all times; buckets around the house, ginger root on hand for tea, vitamin E oil around the port site to prevent stretching.
You may think I live way up north (Canada as Vicki Sproat calls it) but I'm only a call away if you ever need ANYTHING.
You can certianly count on me to sign up for yard/house duty going forward.
I love you dearly. Sorry we've been so disconnceted for so long. And thank you for the updates on your blog. As challenging as each day becomes for you, we all appreciate knowing how this journey is going for you.
Hugs to Grant.


Anonymous said...

Angie, you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day!
Carla Weller

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason I planted a big garden this year. This time I get to finish the growing season. The lettuce is going strong so far.. I see leafy greens in your future!

Keep up the strong attitude, and positive pixie dust. I love your writing, you have always been great at relaying stories, including this very personal journey.

Kathy Manca said...

Angie, this is John Manca's mom, Kathy. He sent me your Blog earlier, and I have been reading it faithfully through tears and with prayer...much prayer from his dad and me. I'm sending it along to others in our family, so they may pray for you also.

We ask God to bless your doctors with skill and wisdom. And to bless you and Grant with fortitude (now there's a word!), strength, patience & faith and that you feel God's Presence & love surrounding you and your family. And for healing, of course, and that you can get through your treatments with the minimum of discomfort.

And I just have to say ... everyone should have an Auntie Jane!


charlene gorman said...

Dear Angela: I thought about you first thing this morning. It is a beautiful day here. Especially if one is in A/C looking out the windown. Outsiide it appears to be getting hot--again. We could use some Seattle rain. So here I sit in my little nightie (thank goodness no camera), and wish I could be there and do something to help. All the love your family and friends have for you surely tells us that you are a special person. I hope you are staying strong and keeping very good thoughts. You have faced this like a real lady. We keep you in our hearts and prayers and hope that you are doing ok.Thank you for keeping us informed.
Charlene G.