Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Home....I have been here a lot since discharge from the hospital, Home Health Care came and then are done.  I loved the nurse, so it was nice, but I still home.   Now that I think of it, the word "home" and "jail" both are four letter words.....but I digress!

I met with Hank last week.  He is happy with my progress but I need to time to be at jail....sorry, I mean home, so I will do a scan on the 17th and then meet him with on the 6th of March.  He encourages me to stay home/jail, jail/home, jame, hoil, whatever you want to call it.  So, for now, I am resting.

Thank you all for the great response to help out.  This round is all taken care of, but toilets get dirty and plants grow, so I will let you know.  Thank you again!!!  The sheer volume of support is great.

That is it for now.....send good thoughts for me resting at hoil....

Happy Wednesday,


Saturday, February 1, 2020


So, weird.  Not had this happen. Let's start at the beginning.....

Our family was going on another Christmas Cruise.  We went to Thanksgiving at our friends house and we briefly made a Christmas wish before we left.  I packed lights and for the room on the cruise ship to give the right look.  The cruise ship is totally decked out.  It is pretty impressive.

The boys were frantic to get their work done knowing we would have only two times to get internet (Dad's work) to get their stuff done.  The time change was brutal.  12 hours difference.  OUCH!

First Singapore, then Phuket, Sri Lanka, Goa, Cochin, Mumbai, and Dubai.  Oddly there was not a lot about shopping, but I did get a fair amount of things.  I started to get sick and needed cough drops.  I engaged the first person I could at the market.  I only had US dollars and I just needed cough drops.  After the first person engaged me  (who studied in Baniff, Canada), another older gentleman engaged me and said I was being ripped off, I said to him, "I don't care.  I am sick and have to get through this trip."  He  took a step back and said, "I will help you too.  I am so sorry you are sick."  Little did he know.  By the end, I had cough drops and bubble gum for the kids and two hearty, beautiful goodbyes.

I kept getting better, but by the last day, I said to Grant, "Just get me home."

Got home.  The flight was AWFUL.  I was fine until the kids to the side of me were screaming for 11 out of 14 hours.  And then the poor woman was puking at the beginning of the flight.  SERIOUSLY.  I was going to help out the family, but then I saw the 18 month slap her across the face and nothing was done which meant I was done - this is a parenting problem NOT a kid problem.  Has she not heard of Mommy Code?!?!?!?!  Plus, you have to be trained to scream that long.  Most kids collapse.  I had one day to recover and then off to chemo.  Chemo went well.  Numbers were great all was good.  Then three days later.....

This is where I start to lose my memory.......I got an infection in my blood.  I saw weird things like bugs all over me, dirt in my kids room, little toy men....luckily the friend that I said, "Come if I call you no matter what!" clearly that statement with others that knew what was going on!

Two weeks I lost.  I scared many.  I made many laugh.  I made many cry.  I am sorry.  They say you don't die of the cancer it is something else.  I don't want that something else.

As many of you are asking, "How was the trip?"  It was great.  We really just let go this time.  We have learned to love ship days, we swam, enjoyed the music bands, the talks (I am so into those - you learn so much!), meeting up for lunch and dinner, etc.  We played a lot of cards.  You should have seen Grant's face when I played a combo of rules that I thought was okay and he did not.  He was almost stuttering......."You can't do that...."  I explained that my Grandma did.  Pause.  So there it is - piss me off or my dead Grandmother that would follow him until death.  He took the high round and stayed mute.  We clarified the rules and played happily after that.  Nobody wants Virginia on his/her tail.

So, I am home with pneumonia.  I am trying very hard to get better.  My next trip is not until May.  We cut our trip in February to the Taj because of all if this, so I can heal for a while.

As for help......The meal train and Grub hub have been AMAZING.  THANK YOU.  My boys have not been hungry for weeks!  Other ways.......we need a little yard work email me if you want to do that (, and I could use some housework help again, email me at  Thanks!

As for now everything is on hold until I get better.  I see Hank on Friday to make a plan!

Happy Friday, Ang