Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Two new Doctors and a much discussed scan...

Much has happened since my November post.  Two of my doctors retired and so I saw the replacements in December/January.  You gotta a love a new doc, full of energy, likes to see everything for themselves, reminds you how long it has been for everything, etc.  One now has me in PT three times a month.  The other has me scheduled for a colonoscopy and epi in March.  This would all be fine if my Cyberknife doc, Hank, and my scan reader were in agreement.  I went from 4 things to watch to nine (this is a "new to me" scan reader and marking EVERYTHING).  Newsflash - there is shit in my lungs - some scar tissue, some cancer, some age, some cold, dust, crap, WHATEVER.  Two of the "tumors" have grown enough to worry, OR according to one doc, "Is it just swelling from treatment?"  No one can tell.  So, we went from....chemo and your blood looks the best it has in years....to.....this could be nothing, but we need a PET/CT.  So, within a week, I will be going for a PET/CT, colonscopy/epi, and PT on my pelvic floor.  Friends, it just does not get any sexier than that.  Somehow I have to squeeze that in between picking up and dropping off my kids, Grant telling me "I have so much work......I don't know how I am going to do it all." in which I reply, "Buck up, no one is making you starve, making you poop, not making you poop, sticking things up your butt, down your throat, and do pelvic exercises.  Plus, we are getting paid....good problem."  I should be more sympathetic, but, you know, I just don't wanna.

On the better side of things, my family and mom took a cruise over the holidays to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.  What an eye opener for the kids!  It was fun, informative, and relaxing (and no one was sticking anything up my butt...).

Howie got fixed and his "dew" claws removed.  He has been in the cone of shame for over a week....but still happy and goofy.  What a guy....

Went skiing at Big White with our friends as we usually do and our extra day we spent cross country skiing only to confirm that I STILL HATE CROSS COUNTRY SKIING WITH ALL MY SOUL. Honestly, rather do a colonoscopy.  I am snowshoeing next year.

So, once I get through March and have Nolan's Postponed Birthday Party, all we will be well again and I will begin to train my new docs......ONE, ONE, ONE, thing at a time.  I will prioritize with Hank and I will do ONE AREA, THING, TEST, WHATEVER at a time.  It has worked this long....and this whatever I am doing right now is for the birds (not that I would even wish this on them - even pigeons.  I hate pigeons, not as much as cross country skiing, but I digress.....).

Happy Tuesday,