Thursday, January 30, 2014

How does one describe this last month? (Scan results)

My friend, my family member (non-blood), and my scan.

My friend - she has had MS for a long, long time.  In November, she was diagnosed with Stage III B Rectal Cancer.  Treatment chemo and radiation - yep, right there.  Who did she call?  Yep, what were the odds she had a friend that has radiation to her ass too 6 years ago?!?!?!??!  I have been helping through that.  There is an experience that not too many people get to share.  Poor girl.

My family member - just had surgery for colon cancer and it is official - Stage III.  Not what I wanted for her.  I have known her forever and our conversations made her decide to go into the doctors.  THANK GOD - just in time.  She is sending her records for me and I am baking cookies so Hank will give us a second opinion.  (It happens MUCH faster if the records arrive WITH the cookies.  He does the second opinion WHILE eating the cookies.  I think it is the only time he is still.)

My scan...just yesterday.  Well, not perfect, but HIGHLY DOABLE.  The previously ablated spot is doing very well, but two others popped up and ones location is tricky so we need to do it fast.  I said, "I can do Friday afternoon?"  I don't think that was what they meant.  What does "fast" mean to you?!?!  So, back to preapprovals, back to scheduling dark time, back to cleaning the house and figuring out meals for four days or so.  And YES, I am okay.  I can do this myself.  Thank you.  I will be fine, but I might take Lara up on those cheese potatoes.  Those do sound AWESOME!  I do want to do this FAST because I want to ski in two weeks.  I have crap to do - and, as I used to say to a person I loved very much, "If we live well, we have won."  And living is not in a hole.  Skiing in February, Vegas in March, Hawaii in April.  I still miss her, but reckon' (SP) that will not go away very soon.

November to now have been rough for all the wrong reasons and wonderful for all the right ones.  Last night, Hank talked to me and he said, "I know you are just doing this in a last ditch effort to not have me treat you...."  And I laughed....HARD.  "Have you done chemo, Hank?"  "No." "Then, you don't know."  "Yes, I do."  "No, no, buddy, you don't, but if you did, you be running as fast as you could to the ablation table too."  "I am sure I would and that is why I am telling you to."  And back to the circular argument/joke/love/discussion we always get to.  "I want to see you for blood work and an exam before the procedure, okay?"  "I will make the calls tomorrow."  "Okay."  "Thanks Hank.  Good night."  "Good night Angie."

And the story continues.......

Happy Thursday, Angie