Monday, September 21, 2009


This weekend was full, active, and fun. Saturday morning Mason had his second soccer game. I was a little apprehensive since during the first game he never got the ball and he cried every time there was a goal. Thank goodness, this was quite different. This game he got the ball three times! Because he has never gotten the ball before, everyone (and I mean everyone) cheered and not one parent said, "OTHER WAY!" We all just enjoyed watching him skillfully go the WRONG DIRECTION. The next two times he got it straighten out and went the right way. Parents cheering all the way - either way!!! Saturday night, we went to a party. It just wasn't any party. It was the 4th annual "Happy to be Alive Party." The good part was that I was there. The bad part was that the one that started the party wasn't. Bittersweet. As, one famous cancer survivor said, "Live Strong." We did...and do. The Hostess of the party was very excited to be able to offer me a Lemon Drop literally upon entry to her house. I ended up having two and being pretty looped. These were not my watered down version!!! We had a ball and the kids were so happy they want to go EVERY YEAR (which I think is a requirement and FINE with me)! Sometimes I feel so far away from it now and I am trying to find my footing. It feels like I don't know anything but having kids and having cancer anymore. I don't really know what is expected of me because really, when you have cancer, NOTHING is expected of you. You throw on a clean shirt and some mascara and everyone thinks you are marvelous. The bar is REALLY low. I will figure it out - it is a good problem. On another note - I am happy that I still appreciate the little things. For example, I woke up early Monday morning. I have been getting up two to three times a week before Grant leaves for work and walking. That morning I was really early! I noticed it was cold and I looked at the temp outside. 47 degrees. I got my ski coat. The ski coat I bought after Mason and before Nolan that has never been skiing and barley been worn. I put on my gloves and left. The beauty of this is that I could. Before I didn't even think about leaving the house before 10am. I would only go out if it was that cold because I had to. I would be in full scarf, gloves, etc. I would have extreme pain in my fingers, toes and throat. Today, no scarf and my throat didn't close up. The drugs that do that to me are gone. This is the first autumn in two years without cancer treatment. I walked, remembered, and teared up at how grateful I am to be here. To see the sunrise in front of the glass. As the stars faded and the sun came up, I knew it was going to be a great day. Cheers, Ang

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mutton Bustin' Champ

Yesterday, our family went to the Puyallup Fair. My Mom and Dad always come with. For the past two years, the visit has been limited. I have either been on chemo OR I was going to start chemo the next day. This year, there was no chemo in site. My energy to very good and we stayed strong full on for six hours which is a lot for Nolan! But that isn't what I am posting about today. Today I am posting about my boys. Both Nolan and Mason did Mutton Bustin'. Now, for those of you that don't know what that is, it is where they put kids 6 and under on the back of a sheep (mutton) with a hockey helmet and steel vest. For more info, go to Well, both, yes BOTH, my boys did it this year and ONE was the round champ. Mason. He held onto that sheep for the longest and jumped up afterward like a rabbit. He beat the 5 and 6 year olds, he qualified for the championships on the last day of the fair AND for the FINALS in Fresno, CA. Today, we went to Renton Western Wear and we ordered a belt to go with that GIGANTIC belt buckle. Nolan was no push over, but lets face it HE IS TWO!!!! I am impressed he got on. He rode well, and cried when he fell off. It wasn't because he was hurt. He was mad that he fell off!!! Mason was an amazing sport about the whole thing. He clapped for others and just stood there a little stunned at everything that was happening. I was proud, a little stupefied, and thankful for that moment. Feelin' good and a proud mama - nothing better than that!!! Now, I have to check airline prices to Fresno.. Enjoy the sun!!! Ang P.S. Yes, they are in matching outfits and those are cowboy boots!!!! The shirt says "Mom's little buckaroo".

Friday, September 11, 2009

Okay, so I just got back

from my colonoscopy and it was as perfect as we could have hoped for. My tumor location is perfect, they took one polyp which they are not concerned about and this is the great part.......they said......okay get it is......I promise......, "You don't have to come and do this for 2 or 3 years." I responded with a very professional, drug induced, "WHA? I thought I had to come every year?!?!" Which sounded more like, "I taught I had to ome ewery ear?!?!" and the response was in professional, non-drug language, "Not when it looks like that." OMG.......remission, this. Today is good, but I will probably not remember this post tomorrow, so I am going to let my good news set with you and go clean toilets or something. You know, what I don't want to remember doing tomorrow....maybe windows - no too dangerous. Have a fabulous sunny wonderful stupendous weekend - love, Ang