Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Beaver Landed

Fifteen years ago I met Grant and fifteen years ago I was introduced to some of the finest people that I know - his friends. They included me and accepted me without question. Being from Seattle that was flat out WEIRD, but it sure felt nice. Fifteen years later, they still there - unwavering and steady. They asked to visit and I, of course, said absolutely. They came on Saturday morning - five adults and four children. They brought food for the day, evening, and for the next month. I am not kidding. The light in the freezer has been rendered useless because it is buried with food. I mentioned something about the food calendar and I was flatly told, "That is not what I signed up for." This from a small build of a women that physically looks up at me but with a manner of "mess with me and I will have no choice but to hurt you". I didn't chance it - I didn't dare! While I am tired from the visit, it was great to feel them here, laugh with them, and just be with them. Tomorrow I am back at chemo and my kids go back to my mom's with Jane. While part of me dreads tomorrow (because of the nausea and missing my boys), a greater part is thankful for the medicine, doctors, my family, and my friends who are all there for me. One step closer to being cancer free.


Anonymous said...

Remember to breathe. Deep, cleansing, breaths that you will feel throughout every inch of your body. Those breaths will fill you with life and remind you that you are fully present. Present to everything...good or bad.

Jill said...

well I guess I know not to bring you anything that goes in the freezer next week! :)

Anonymous said...

Ang, Seeing you this weekend was so great. We just picked where we left off. We laughed, we joked, we ate (some of us tried to golf). The most amazing thing was seeing just how strong, positive, focused you are. Hopefully, the knowledge that you have friends from near and far willing to help out in any way, will add to your strength. With love, Peter, Jo-Ann, Amelia and Paige.
ps. sorry about the freezer thing....;)

Anonymous said...


I am reading all your messages and am amazed at your stamina.
I di enjoy reading about yout SPOT.
With all your friends and family it will surely overflow.
My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.

Take care my friend
Peggy Smith