Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am fine...really!

Hey, I am starting to get the "haven't seen anything on the blog for a while", phone hang ups as not to bother me, and call waiting going but no message.  I know I haven't gotten back to people and for that I am sorry.  I am doing great.  I see the liver guy on Friday for my first appointment and then we will probably scope sometime after that.  It is too soon to know if anything is a problem, so I am just rolling with that.  Things are busy and I am on the phone a lot (why I don't click over many times) with long distance mortgage lenders (yes, we might be refinancing, but it is a long shot), insurance, etc.  I am fine....I am actually lovin' life and having fun getting ready for Mason's birthday and Christmas!!!  Thank you for all the love, Ang

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scan this morning; results already?

GREAT NEWS - No growth anywhere.  So, my little three spots remain three little spots and I have just bought some more time to get to cyberknife with software which they should be done installing by now and starting to test!  This also means that I have the holidays.....OMG, that feels so good.....there is something that Hank wants to physically see me about.  Something about my liver, but that is not new...I can't remember what he said cause I was basking in the holidays without chemo.  I made an appointment for Tuesday of next week to go over whatever he said.....I have the holidays........YIPPEE!!  So, I can trash my backup schedule of doing chemo and which weeks would "work"...I don't even know how much time he is giving me until my next scan....and frankly I don't care - I HAVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!  More next week - love, Ang

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes, I am completely astonished....

Right now, it is because of the weather.  Yeah, it is cold, but it is BEAUTIFUL and since I don't have a cold sensitivity because of chemo, I am lovin' it.  The colors are amazing and I am so...happy, like real genuine happy.  Another is who I hear from on my blog.  Wow, never thought I would see, talk, type to, any of those people again, but it is nice to see their names on my blog.  The last is my family and friends .  I had no idea what cool people I know and now that I can track and remember things better is it really sinking in.  Not just what they do for me, but how they think and what they believe.  I think I finally became a cool kid.  And, if I am not, I sure as hell think I am!!!!!  :)  Have a great week!  Love, Ang

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So, my status has not changed from the last

but I have been to NYC since then!  So, much seemed to have happened since the 17th of October.  Nolan somehow understands that he was frozen (as an embryo) because he said to me the other day in the truck, "Mommy, remember when I was laughing at you when YOU were in kindergarten?"  I replied in a blahsay (sp) way, "Nolan, you were not alive then.."  "Yes, I was!  I was in the freezer!"  Crap, I really shouldn't have read my pregnancy journal to him QUITE yet.  Soccer season is over and Grant successfully coached two teams - WHEW!  Nolan has turned into quite the soccer player.  See attached video.  He is actually stomping on a grasshopper during a corner kick.  Yes, that is him scoring also.  :)  Mason is turning 13, I mean 7 soon, and REFUSES to let me touch him at school, but I force him to acknowledge me.  Since when has my parenting technique equaled "dude"????  And then when I think my scan is on the 17th of this month and I either continue like this until they are ready for me in cyberknife, or I do chemo light until cyberknife, or I end up going back into chemo, I really do just push it from my mind.  I still have one trip to go and lots of minutes NOT to worry about it.  Funny thing keeps coming back to me from when I was on my trip with Grant for our anniversary.  We do "High Point, Low Point" of the previous year.  I know what my Low Point was.  It was when I planned my funeral in detail and appointed a group of three people to execute my plan.  What got me in this was the unbelievable number of High Points I had in spite of my "condition."  How can life to so happy and so sad?  I guess it has a funny way of showing you that, sometimes, the path is hard but the nuggets you get along the way are precious.  Happy Wednesday, Ang