Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ordinary Miracle.....

So, I have been enjoying my three months.  I have had to go to doctors, but I wave to the Cancer Center and say, "Ha, ha, you don't get me for t-h-r-e-e months sucker!!!!!!!"

Since then, I have gone from 0 - 500 miles an hour.  It is amazing how much work PTA does for the opening of a school.  Oh, and I have two.  Our Kinder went to a new school with an neighboring school to reduce overcrowding.  That is nice, the school gets split and PTA just gets another school.  WHAT?!?!??!

So, LAST WEEK, I helped open Neely O'Brien (my sons' school) and this week, I helped open Kent Valley Early Learning Center, the Kinder, that I my genetics will NEVER see.  Neely - piece of cake - there were NO KINDERS!!!!  KVELC - 200 of those little guys and one who didn't know her last name, but was so happy to show me her sparkly shoes and matching backpack, all I could do is smile and say, "I know!  Hello Kitty is it, right?!?!?!"

Now, know me as you do, I didn't really ask permission, I just show up and do stuff.  They do not know that they want me and I do not give them a choice, I just say, "I have this and you need it."  Later on they say, "I love it!"  And I say, "I know.  Told you"  Humility was never my strong suit.  Yesterday, I was discussing shoes matching backpacks.  Today, I was standing on a chair and bellowing out in my very large voice when breakfast was done and where 200 kinders needed to go and they all listened.  Pretty good for 1 and 1/2 lungs!  No, not the miracle.  That is just normal.  I was asked to come back tomorrow because the PA system does not work in the cafeteria and I was effective.  That is a quote by the way.  I get the oddest jobs.

The miracle this week was Nolan.  I know, right?!?!??!  Last weekend, when I was canning at my Aunt's, yes people still do that, Robbie, my cousin, went fishin' and crabin' and brought everyone back a haul.  We have had salmon and crab all week.  Now, I know a few families that have grown up with that and I was one of them.  At six, I was eating lobster, clams, salmon and everything else from the sea, and I knew how.  I am not good with children that turn up their nose to food.  First night, Nolan hated salmon and crab.  Second night, I made teriyaki.  Third night, Nolan hated salmon, but he ate it.  Tonight, while everyone else was polite, even I noticed the crab cakes had too many shells in them to be okay for little boys and I gave up telling Nolan he could be done. He came to me and said, "Mommy, I love your pears and want them (we canned some this past weekend), but is there another crab cake?  They are awesome!  I will have my pears after."  Speechless......still speechless.  Literally stunned.  Do I cry?  Do I make a martini?  Do I do a happy dance or do I just fry up the rest of the crab cakes?!?!?!?  Fry crab cakes.  Miracle.  Plain and simple.

While sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing, while sometimes I wonder if all the work I do not directed specifically to my kids, while sometimes I wonder if making a child not cry because I can tell them in BAD Spanish that it will be okay and your Mom needs to learn here today and tell her all about it tonight, it is worth it.  Ordinary miracles.

How did I get this life?  How did I get this wonderful, amazing, beautiful life?!  Thank you Mom for making me learn Spanish (not guitar - still hate guitar), thank to the travel and NPH for teaching me what a first world problem is and all you can do with a spoon, and thank you to life for letting me see ordinary miracles.  I am so lucky.

Happy Thursday - Go Seahawks! Ang