Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ahhhhh....nerve blockers......

So, pain during the weekend was bit better and Monday I saw the doctor that did my ablation procedure.  He was like, "You had some excitement on Friday.  Why didn't you page me?"  I explained that my phone was dead and I had also lost his pager number. He gave it to me again.  I said also, "You know you were off on Friday."  I do not know why I say these things.  These are futile arguments when you deal with Docs that are so committed to their patients.  I got the look.  It said, "I told you you can page me whenever you need to, so cut it."  Remember, it was just a look, but I still said, "Okay, okay, I am sorry.  You are in my special doctor location in my wallet now.  I will page you."  He responded with, "You did the right thing to come in."  I nod.  He examined me and said, "Well, I am not surprised at this, but I am a little confused on why it did not happen immediately after the procedure."  He went on to tell me how fast nerves heal (they don't), what I can expect, and what we can do for pain management.  "There is this drug that is a nerve blocker.  It will help with the pain, but the numbness will be there for a while.  It has been very successful with Herpes patients."  I was fine until Herpes.  I look at him like, "Am I supposed to be able to relate to that, and how do you know that?!?!?"  WHATEVER.  They work and I am back in the saddle.  So much so, I delivered 1300 products yesterday for the fundraiser.  Don't worry I am resting today with my Herpes medicine.  Happy Wednesday!  Ang

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I thought is was done, then....

Friday the 11th went well.  Like really well.  The procedure went great, the doc and I agreed that I should not get pain meds after the procedure just to see how my pain was.  I believed and I think I convinced him it was the pain meds that made me sick last time.  When I was infertility treatment, my Dr. at the time said, "Tell me about your cramps."  I said, "They are normal."  Months later in the process, I was having cramps and said, "Hang on, I need to lay down.  I have cramps."  So, I laid down and was breathing through the cramps.  By this time, I had been through several infertility tests and NEVER experienced pain even when I was supposed to.  He looked at me and said, "That isn't normal.  Angie, you always say you have a low tolerance for pain.  After all this time, I think it is quite the opposite."  After labor and delivery and cancer treatment including bilateral lung surgery, I believe him.  So, I had no pain meds, they gave me a BEAUTIFUL QUIET ROOM and he made me stay until 8 for observation and then released me.  Karissa stayed all day.  Gotta love that girl.  Grant got the kids and played with Robin and Jen on Friday night.  I didn't bother them until I was in the car.  I wanted to make sure I was coming home.  During the weekend, I slept a lot.  Robin and Jen cooked dinner for Grant and I.  Not just any dinner, anniversary dinner.  They brought everything - flowers, their pictures from all those years ago, chocolate, wine, everything.  Still in my PJs, I combed my hair and we have a very nice evening.  They went to the movies with the boys.  BTW - my boys adore their girls and the play so nicely together.  We are really blessed.  Grant and I really relaxed and just talked about everything.  He even told me about thing growing up that I didn't know about.  He was also drinking, so I was playing with him a little, like, "Tell me more about that and what about past girlfriends...."  He just looked at me and said, "Now you are taking advantage of the situation."  "Moi?"  ;)  Anyhoo, we all went to the pumpkin patch the next day and did the pumpkin sling shot.  ROBIN won the GIGANTIC pumpkin this year and it is now proudly placed in our front yard.  Kinda thought that may be a problem at the border crossing.  The corn maze took twice as long this year with 14 points to obtain before we could leave and get our prize which was a giant, like size of your fist, jawbreaker.  Nolan had it ALL over himself  by the time we got home.  I took a nap and the house began to smell like Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was awesome - complete with homemade pumpkin cheesecake.  Robin had made it in Kelowna and transported it all the way here.  Jen was complaining about how big the pan was and what family would ever need a cheesecake that size. She offered to leave the pan here.  After dessert, they took the pan.  Rightfully so.  It really didn't end up being that big after all.  The Jones' said their goodbyes and packed up for the big drive on Monday.  Apparently, their giant jawbreakers lasted the entire trip!  Monday morning arrived and I got the kids off to school.  I was tired all day, but by Wednesday I was a full steam.  PTA busy, 8200 box tops submitted, working with Heather and email conversions not going well, ukulele practice, basketball for Nolan, soccer for Mason and then Thursday hit.  I was like, okay, I have a cough and my chest hurts.  Do as little as possible.  I clear the rest of the day.  Friday morning I feel better....start again....3pm my left side is numb on one thin line (my lung surgery sucher line) and shooting pain in the same area that registered as a 9 out of 10 occur.  I am at Staples.  Phone dead.  I email from my iPad.  Hank says, "At this point of the day, go to the ER because they can do all the tests we need."  This is one of the longest responses he has ever given me because he knows that I consider a visit to the ER a failure.  I get there before 4 and email once more, "I am here...can't I do this in the office or do I have to go to the ER."  "I am afraid they are the only ones that can run everything I want."  I end the conversation with, "Fine, but you are mean."  (I apologized later.)  Friday night in the ER is, well, interesting.  I called Grant and he was like, "What - I can't hear you?  You want me to what?  Why?'  I hung up on them screaming in the phone - "READ YOUR EMAIL!"  I had cced him on everything.  He met me at the ER.  We had a nice time and I apologized for yelling at him.  He understood and I think I gave him some insight on the cell reception at the proposed new rental space for CRETE.  The nurses were great.  I did say that the only silver lining to this ER visit was that I was missing a birthday party Chuckie Cheese.  (THANK YOU BECKEY FOR TAKING THE BOYS WITH MIA!  YOU TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM LAST NIGHT!)  One nurse looked at me with that OMG look and said, "I can keep you here as long as you want."  I was there until 8pm just as the party was ending.  EKGs, CAT scan, lung x-rays, and blood work.  I felt RIDICULOUS being there with some numbness and shooting pain.  Hank came in.  "I think you have a gummed up nerve.  They may have nicked something last week. You lungs are good, your heart is good and no PE (blood clot) which we were worried about.  Go home."  Don't have to tell me twice.  I was up and leaving when Grant said, "Honey, your IV is still in."  The nurse came in and tells me that I need to relax, eat fruits and vegetables, walk around the block, and not be so hurried.  I didn't say much but when we got in the car Grant was like, "Who was that nurse?"  I said, "I don't know, but I want a burger from Family Drive In, you?"  That was a great burger.  Happy Saturday (from home!), Ang

Monday, October 14, 2013

As well as could be expected and

way better than I expected.  The ablation went well.  We will not know if it was completely successful or not until 3-6 months from now, but he hit where he wanted to and he got it as much as he had plan.  Wow...what a blessing.  I had a great weekend and I will tell you all about it later, but for now, I wanted you to know, that I am really fine....moving but tire pretty easily, so give me a day or two for details...thank, Ang

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The plan is set...

All of my docs decided that we going to do ablation surgery.  There was some discussion about if we should do such an invasive procedure but the final word was, "...she is healthy and we can do this now, so we will.."  Invasive?  Really?  I have had both of my lungs (at different times, of course) taken out, cut, stitched, cauterized, stapled, and then put back in.  Invasive is not impaling you with a 14 gauge needle to put in a very hot probe and burn something out.  That is like a walk in the park.  HOWEVER, I will say this ablation surgery will be more complicated than the previous and on the list of things that could happen are: burn a hole in my bronchial tube and/or burn my lung resulting in temporary pleurisy.  Both are either corrected by surgery or good ol' healing.  When I was asked if I had any questions, I said, "Is death on the side effects list?"  "Probably not, but...."  So, "no".  COOL, LET'S DO IT!  I check in Friday at 8am for a 10am procedure.  Karissa is going to take me, I spend the night in the hospital (hopefully not the slip and fall wing again - note to self - take ear plugs!), and Mom will take me home after a clean chest x-ray on Saturday morning.

And with the crisp nights, rain, and Canadian Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I am reminded that it is my anniversary.  Nineteen years and counting (again).  I mean that in a good way - I am actually looking forward despite my surgery, my stats, my diagnosis 6 and a half years ago.  So, bring it got nothing on me.  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  Love, Ang