Friday, June 29, 2007

Well, I did it better this time!

It seems like I am back to my old bad self. I am doing fine except for the head cold. I slept for 11 hours last night and Nolan only got up once for a 20 minute feed, so life is good. Today, I met with the famous Anton, a wig maker, that will make a wig for me from my own hair. What an emotionally tugging experience. They were so nice and so accommodating. I was doing fine until he said, "Let's not take your hair yet. You have beautiful hair and maybe you will be lucky." It was the beautiful hair part that got me. It is strange to be in a salon where this is all they do. No more than one customer at a time, mirrors are easily covered so the customer doesn't have to watch, and hair isn't swept away. It is measured, calculated, graded, saved, and made into a forever piece. On a funny note is that Robin, Grant's best friend from TO, has asked me to make him a wig with any left overs that I have. Does he really want to be color #91 or is he that desperate???? I'll let you decide! Have a great weekend - I will, Ang


Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I had a friend who did this as she went through chemo and it looked awesome. I was amazed. It was her hair, only not attached to her head. Plus, it spared her waiting and wondering about when or if it would fall out.

If you want any volunteers to shave their head with you, I volunteer Mark. =)


Anonymous said...

ps. Strange thought: Remember in high school when I borrowed your dress for homecoming. FYI, I will NOT ask to borrow your hair. =)

Anonymous said...

Angela: It is so good to hear you are having a good week end with your family. Perhaps life will be easier from here on--I admire your strength and know that one day soon you can put this all behind you. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
Charlene G.

Unknown said...

Angie, You have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful head so the lack of hair will only show them off better! Remember earrings become more important. Maybe we could all do a earrings gift drive for you. I know your treatment is tougher than mine was but I didn't lose my hair. Which ever way it goes you are gorgeous. Just think of the really homely people that have this happen, ha, ha. Love Elaine

Anonymous said...

To hair or not to hair?...that is the question.

Whatever happens you were blessed with a perfect head...with or without hair!!!!!

Whether bald or #91 you are that much closer to cancer free.