Thursday, June 28, 2007

My boys are home....

Tired from all the fun at the Grandparents house, they are home and sleeping. I missed the smell of the back of Mason's neck so much. I have more energy simply because they are here. We will do an art project this afternoon and maybe play with the new bubble machine some friends brought over!


Anonymous said...

Miss Angelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
You know who this is, right? I'm the only one who calls you this. Hint - the crazy one who ran into your office when the earthquake hit? (I still want to be with YOU when the next one comes around. You're level-headed and I'd have a much better chance of survival!) Yes, it's still all about me you know.... :-)

I was with my friend all morning; she's in treatment for a brain tumor. She shared her thoughts - many of them echoed yours from the other day. I'll say to you what I said to her -- we will know for you everyday what you may not always be able to know for yourself. You are a wonderful Being of light and love - healthy and whole.

A big hug to you, darlin'

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie~
I haven't seen you since you were pregnant w/ the first one (I bumped into you and your Dad at Wally's). Anyway, I was told about what you are going through. You are most surely on my heart and in my prayers. I am believing for your total healing and recovery.
Andrea Harris (Loft)