Saturday, September 8, 2018

Just like that he grew up....

Just like that and just like his brother,  Nolan does not want to cuddle me in the morning.  He is the reason I do not get up until he comes in.  When he just was talking and out of the crib, he said something like, “You wait for me, got it?!?!  This is MY time.”, pounding his chest like a little caveman.

While it broke my heart a little and, luckily the cats happily took his place, I had to find other things to keep the conversation going.  So, on Thursday, the glow of 6th grade had worn off and he was reluctant to get out of the truck.  I said, “Only two days until the weekend, and when you get sad, just think of how much you love me!  That should pass the time!” He rolled his eyes with his shrugged shoulders, threw his head back,  and said, “M..O..M, I already do that!”  Dumbstruck, he kissed me goodbye and, as soon as his feet hit the ground, he was talking to friends.

Damn, that kid is going to break my heart again and, probably, again.

Happy Saturday,


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Summer is over.....but lets focus on August....

July was full of treatments, church camp, sleeping, and more sleeping.  In August, things really got shaken up.

The first weekend got started with Grant dropping Mason and Wyatt at hockey camp.  So, try and follow this......They stay at Rob and Jen's in Kelowna.  Rob is currently in chemo for Stage Four Colorectal cancer.  Rob INSISTS that they come and everything will be fine.  I am recovering (which is much easier that chemo) from Cyber knife from Stage Four Colorectal Cancer.  Wyatt has just recently lost him Mom from Stage Four Colorectal Cancer.  That, and hockey goalies, were the bond between our families, so I was introduced to his Dad and we worked on passports and all the paperwork to get him over the boarder.  For the week, there was just one pick up that Robin had to do.  I was sick with the prospect of it and practically begged Grant to stay, but he was SUPER BUSY at work and he said that Robin said it would be fine.  (Queue eye roll)  Now, our boys know what it is like to have a Mommies in Chemo.  They have seen the bloody worst of it, but still.  Alas Robin, picks them up in his "new" car the Nissan Leaf.  Okay, one grown man, two BIG boys, and two BIGGER THAN LIFE GOALIE BAGS.  That had to be interesting.  I have to think bungy (sp) cords (Canadians love bungy cords) were involved, but no one is talking.  In any case, they got home.  At the end of the week, Robin texted me.  This was a text that is one of those that you receive and are speechless.  With feelings that go every which way and that you can quite coral, he said something to the effect of, "Clammy (his nick name for me), Just wanted you to know that everything went well this week.  One thing I have to tell you is that when I came to pick them up they both asked first thing, "How are you feeling?"  Now, I know they have had different experiences in life, but they are teenage boys, so I did not expect it.  It was nice of them to ask and they are welcome back anytime.  They are good boys."  Okay, so Robin has never been one to compliment me at any turn....he speaks the truth ALL THE TIME REGARDLESS OF THE CONSEQUENCE.  Don't worry I hold my own, but this was beautiful for two reasons, I knew he was okay after chemo and that he, who I love more than most against my better judgement, said, "You done good."  They are good boys and I am blessed that they found each other before we loss Wyatt's Mom who was blessing to me and everyone who knew her.

Yeah, and that is how it started.....they we were off to Leavenworth for the "Rock Face Boys" camping trip.  I have probably mentioned this before, but these boys have known each other SINCE daycare and we go every year to Ohanapecosh National Campground until last year when APPARENTLY no one wanted to go there anymore, but then it just turned out to be the other two Dads who plotted and planned to tell me.  I was like, "You are worse than women!"  Hence, Leavenworth at the KOA this year.  It was CROWDED but awesome.  I usually bring flank steak, but it was like $100 for flank steak so I am Oso Buco in the Instapot fir $24 dollars.  It was a hit!  I LOVE TRAILER CAMPING!!!!  They were in cabins, so they were happy too.  Coffee delivered by children to the Moms in the morning.  Then straight off to the KOA at Seaside.  We did this trip before with our friends and my adopted third child, Titus, that spent most of the summer with us.  We follow their lead, but one of the days we ride bikes.  Okay, Michele so I am outing you.....  So, last year, my friend and her husband that had the wedding of the decade which I know I blogged about (Edgewater on New Years) always rent a tantem bike and we all have our own.  So, they go down and they no longer have tantem bikes and then they go to the state park, no tantem bikes.  I have never seen this in Michele because she is a pretty good "game face" girl and we have never had a tragedy together, but she was just this side of devastated.  They scramble a bit with mopeds and such and Grant and I are just like, "Whatever you want to do, we are happy..."  I talk a little about my bike and how it is a geared beach cruiser.  She explains again about how she can't ride a bike and balance.....I nudge, she resists....pause....mopeds suck.....Michele wants to bike......and then.......then Michele walks over to our campsite and says, "Is you bike down?"  All my boys and Titus leap up and start getting my bike down, she is (sorry Michele) barking orders a bit like, "Rick, you have to be by me, you have to help me....."  And Rick, in perfect time, "Of course dear.  Yes, dear."  We are all looking at each other like, "HOLY SHIT, we better not screw this up!"  She gets on the bike, then we lower the seat, she gets back on the bike and well, the rest is history.  The people in campsite around our loop started picking up on this and were cheering her on on.  Rick ran 2 to 3 loops and then she went on her own.  Michele could ride a bike.  The boys rode with her for a long time.  It was truly gratifying to her.  The joy in her face, in Rick's face, in Titus' face.  30 years of crap broken.....she can ride.  She rode the next day and then, we did the big bike ride day and the only one that fell was me!  We started off the day with Rick and Michele renting beach cruisers.  Now, a normal beach cruiser has ONE gear.  Beaches are flat.  They do not require more than one gear.  One gear with hills can make you a bike hater.  So, we begin and Michele who is in greater shape than I am is struggling.  I offer my bike and she is like, "Yeah, sista, I don't think so with your lungs?!?!?!"  Okay, something like that.  And then, from the back Nolan says, "Mom, you take my bike.  Michele will take your bike and I can ride the beach cruiser."  STUNNED, but knowing that this boy (YES, THIS BOY) could pull this out of his pocket especially when it comes to Moms, we accepted.  The day went great!  I rode a mountain bike which I have not done in years and they are WAY BETTER NOW!  I went further on the smallest seat I have seen in a long time.  The beach cruiser was past around like a "Call of Duty", but in a good way.  And we ended the day really happy for the things we thought we could not do, but did, haven't done, but did, and broke a lot of barriers that day.  The end of the day was Michele having a beer while shopping for bikes online.  We had other fun like kites and rippin' up the sand on the beach (me and the boys - am I the only adult that likes to do this?), Tillamook (amazing ice cream) and the some of the best pizza ever!!!!!

Then, home to horrible air, the pool being closed because of air quality, and HOT HOT HOT temperatures.  My solution - clean the house and Titus was right in there too!  Then, the pending teachers strike.  It all worked out though and we started school on time, fall schedules have begun, and I am "fixed" as the cyberknife oncologist told me, until the next time (January-ish as the Radiologist predicts).  I am back helping Neely O'Brien's PTA because the principal as changed AGAIN, but this time it is someone I can trust and who wants us.  No, my kids don't go there, but they are my kids....always were.  Tons hugged me, parents chatted with me, it was like home.  My kids are fine up the hill.  Those ladies have it goin' on.  There is healing at Neely and if I can help with that, well then, another barrier broken.


Happy Labor Day Weekend,