Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Everything I needed to learn I learned in Kindergarten....

Life is moving along.  Busy as ever and now I have been asked to read to help in the bilingual Kindergarten Class on Wednesday mornings. Confirming that my Spanish is good enough for that, I agreed.  It is taught entirely in Spanish and the vocabulary is flooding back to me.  Scary part is that I struggle when I am teaching but when it come to discipline, the words roll off the tongue.  Shocking.  

When we were walking to lunch, I asked one of the students what was his favorite day of the week.  He said, "Friday because I get electronics while my parents eat dinner together." He goes on to explain that he was bothering his Mom asking for electronics all the time so they came up with one day and time for him to play.  I said, "Your Mom is brilliant!  I am going to do that in my house!"  Then he stops me, has me bend now, and whispers in my ear, "Yeah, apparently, me asking her if it is Friday all the time does seem to bother her at all!"  He pulls away, looks at me right in the eyes opened like saucers, and nods slowly.  God, I love Kinder.

Saw the doc yesterday and saw my December scan.  My watch area is truly a watch area.  It is a stringy mass at the bottom of my left lung.  Stringy is good.  Usually means scar tissue.  But, it is big, so we watch.  This area has always been difficult.  When I had lung surgery in 2009, they were going to take out my lower left lobe, but a Canadian surgeon in his fellowship saved it.  I liked him a lot.  I even tracked him down in Toronto and sent a family pic.  Now, I should track him down and say, "Dude, that was messy!  He would retort, "Sure it was, but six years later you are still talking!" Touché.

Next scan is March with will be one year with NO treatment.  The longest I have ever gone is 13 months.  Time will tell.

Happy Wednesday!  I am off to Kinder!  Love, Ang