Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today and yesterday

weren't so good. I am so nauseous I want my eyeballs to pop out. But, my boys are home. Nolan sleeping in the pack n' play at the foot of my bed and Mason playing with my Aunt Donna outside. The beauty of their noise.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the chemo is attacking those nasty cells!!! See if some soft, comforting music helps:

"My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary."

~ Martin Luther

Unknown said...

Angie I hope as the week wears on you get less sick. It sounds like you have a drip which I didn't. When it is done I think your body will slowly get less sick. The good will look like a runway model you will be so thin. Thanks for letting us know how it goes. We think of you all the time. Love Elaine and Dan

Anonymous said...

"Ah couldst that thou and I with the fates conspire to change this sorry scheme of things would we not remold it and make it nearer to the hearts desire" It sounds like a cliche' but it comes closest to saying how I feel.
Remember "Dream The Impossible Dream" Pat & Mag

charlene gorman said...

Angela: Sorry you had bad days, hopefully tomorrow will be better, How comforting to be near yur boys. CG

charlene gorman said...

PS: I will learn to proof read, Seems I am not the greatest typist.

Michelle Nelson said...

Hey, sunshine. Have been thinking about you lots. Chemo is a b%#ch. I am so very humbled by your grace and wisdom.
As I was reading my daily affirmations I thought of you.
"Today I will stop and remember all the times that I gave lovingly of myself and know these were my successes. I am a very rich person when I understand that the moments that come from love cannot be measured on any scale. They are priceless."
You are rich and successful indeed and aren't we all so very blessed to have you in our lives.

leslie kendall said...

Hang in there Angie - I'm pulling for you!!!!!

Charlene Waymire said...

Ang - I'm so sorry to hear the chemo is making you sick. But that means it is doing its job. Maybe it is like really horrible morning sickness. It totally sucks in the moment, but so easy to forget about when you reach the end and have your miracle. I wonder if those prego pops would help. :) I talked to Terry this evening and you are in their thoughts and prayers everyday - as you are in ours. Hang in there sweety. Just grab onto all this love, support and prayers surrounding you.

To quote you, "Cheers, me".

Kari George said...

Oh Ang. So sorry to hear that you are nauseous. Is the Zofran working at all? If not, make sure you talk to the doctor...there's lots of drugs available to help you thru this time. Call me with any questions. Give your boys big hugs...they and everyone love you so much! Hang in there...this, too shall pass!

Your drug pusher, Kari