Friday, February 3, 2017

So, what is life like now?

So, I was at a gathering with PTA members and some of them did not know my "situation".  I told them about my Stage Four Rectal Cancer, but the end game was, "Whatever I plan for my boys, I have to assume it is without me."   Pause.  How does a normal person respond to that?  I am in the worst "catchment" of Kent School District.  Grant and I considered moving, but with the medical bills to the tune of $13000 a year on average, we chose to stay where we were - imagine $1100 dollars going away every month, and getting nothing for it - other than life.  It is easy to say that is great, but harder to pay for.  Grated we built a loft.  The kitchen flooded and we have the kitchen of my dreams, but it is still in the worst line of Kent Schools.  So, I begin to look at options.  If I work for the district, I have a much better chance.  How do I do that with all the medial appointments I have?  Employees get to "get in" in February, where the rest of us have to wait until April, unless we are homeless, then we get whatever we want.  Seriously, they will even transport your child to the last school if you are homeless, but if you have cancer, you have to do all the crap they tell you to, including wait list, etc.  My argument is Mason is homeless.  Where does he have a title to a home?!?!?!!  So, I go on.  I will apply three different ways.  One  in district, one in my catchment, and one out of district.  God help them if they deny me.....I still have a bit a fight left.

Best, Ang