Thursday, August 3, 2017

My summer in a nutshell....

I have been having a great summer.  Grant's business is back on track, the boys got into the schools I requested, there have been lazy days, there was one sad, sad, thing, but I am not ready to talk about that yet, and then there was my parents garage project.

This summer the boys, my parents, and I decided that we would clean out the three bay, two carport garage.  Last summer, we sold the Camper, Trailer and Lexus Sport Coupe so there was room finally to do this.  This garage was full of my parents entire life, some things from my Dad's Mom that you just can't separate from, contents of both the Camper and the Trailer, etc.  Cat food (has not had a cat in 7 years), bird food (hasn't fed a bird in 10 years), you get my meaning.  So, let me sum this up for you in a 30 minute moment I had in the garage with everyone........ Mom and Dad had purchased selves to store things on.  It all looked okay on the shelves, but......not one box that was from a product that was that product.  For example, an electric smoker box was filled with books.  An inflatable mattress was actually a juicer.  According to my parents, these were good boxes, so they kept them and used them again.  Oh, yes, and there were Christmas ornaments in a IBM computer box.   When they could not find the ornaments last year, Mom went out and bought more.  (Queue eye roll.)

Now, all of that seems fine.  People do this.  I usually LABEL the box, but I get it.  That is why I am here helping.  BUT, I did find some boxes that were what they said they were - STORAGE BOXES.  You know the clear plastic boxes with lids that you can put things in and label them.  They were still in the correct boxes, stored on the storage shelves, right next to the "inflatable mattress" and the "electric smoker".  Really, they bought and assembled storage shelves to put storage boxes OF STORAGE BOXES on.  I just closed my eyes and shook my head, as my Mom is saying, "Well, I don't know where you got this organization thing from, really no one teaches you this stuff and you have been giving away things for years!  It was astonishing when you were a child.  Really what eight year old does that?!?!?!  (My kids.)  I was part of the war era where you kept everything just in case.............."  (Fade out.)

My summer in a nutshell.  They will NEVER live that down........

Happy Thursday,