Tuesday, March 3, 2020

So, I was going to post

but then it got very emotional with lots of feelings like anger, sadness, bittersweet joy, and tears......so I didn't post it because it scared me as much as it would scare anyone else.....and then I did my taxes. Cue fading cheers into darkness and quicksand.......

Here is what you need to know:

FIRST, thank you!  Thank you for all the meals, gift cards, (even a Starbucks card!), etc.  It keeps up running and the boys strong.  Mason is currently finishing up hockey and playing Baseball for KM.  In addition, he is in Driver's Ed.  HE IS NEVER HOME.  Nolan made the AAU Basketball team in our area (THANK GOD) and our commute to practice is 10 mins.

Second, THANK YOU!  Thank you for all the help getting my kids to all of their stuff.  I particularly lose steam at 5:00pm.

SCAN - I had a scan and it shows some traction.  The tumors they were concerned about have stopped growing; the ones that they don't know are tumors may be growing, but they may not be tumors (WHATEVER!); and my CEA number is way down and approaching normal levels.

Future - We begin a with the last chemo, I will most likely lose the last 1/3 of my hair and we keep going.  I start again on Thursday.  The schedule is two 3 hours treatments a week from each other for two weeks and then a week off.

Okay, that is what you need to know.  Do know it is not without feeling that I had on the written page, I just choosing to focus on the "living" ones.

Happy Tuesday,