Monday, June 4, 2007

How can you help?

For now pray. Things are too fast and furious to know what to have help for. Soon, when chemo/radiation begins, I have been told I will have a "regular schedule". At that point, I will post what I need help with. I think it will include food for my family, mowing the lawn, taking the kids one day on the weekend from 9-1 and/or light housework. Again, I will post what I need. Luckily, Caitlin and Sarah are not doing too much this summer and will work for me when they can, so that will take a load off. So, please stay tunned - I will ask. I have to ask - I don't have a choice becuase I can't do this alone.


Auntie Jane Hainsworth said...

Angie...I'm in North Carolina but can be on a plane in about two seconds flat. I have the summer off starting the 12th and it is yours if you want/need it. I'm good with little boys and their mom's (see my reference GrantMan). I can cook, clean???? and make usefull things out of found objects ie: McGiver. I read a mean story book, can teach your children useful and unuseful tings and I love you. Please consider my qualifications. Love Auntie Jane Hainsworth

Myrna said...

Hi dear Angie! We want you to know there are almost 50 people praying for you and the fam. here in Port Angeles. We know you have a strong WARRIOR heart so we're praying you will become even stronger through this. We're here, available for any kind of help. (Don can fix anything!) I'm a fabulous listener. I love your blog and will share part of it with the many young women on your prayer team here. Love to you, Myrna & Don

leslie kendall said...

Hi Angie - I have been thinking of you, sending you and your family good thoughts and praying for you since Trina filled me in. I am right here - so please, please, please USE me. Even though I work alot :) I will do anything I can for you and your family - I would love to take the boys for a walk, take you for a pedicure, clean, cook, grocery shop - okay, looking at my yard, perhaps it would be better for someone else to mow for you - but I could bring over my push mower and give it a whirl. My cell number is 425-327-7087 or if you don't feel like talking just shoot me an email at
Sending you good, healing thoughts
xo Leslie

Patrick L. Gogerty said...

Hi Angela,Maggie and I just learned of your illness and pledge to you our prayers and support in any way you want. Your experiences with the lung exam sounds like something going on at Guantanamo.
Your idea about the blog is sheer genius and we want to do everything possible to make your journey a good one. As the Irish say "may God hold you in the hollow of his hand until we meet again". Love always, Pat & Maggie

Anonymous said...

Angie, I am beyond broken hearted but I know how strong you are and all the love and care that you are surrounded by will get you through this. I am making some contacts and have a colleague whose sister is a pharmacist who had been working with oncology patients for years and just took a job as a drug rep for one of the companies that has a new med. I asked her to speak with her sister and ask if she could make herself available to you as a resource if and when this may be helpful to you. My mom is saying prayers and I will speak with Laura tonight. My back still has me so limited in my mobility but I am sure I can be of some help to you- just tell me what I can do. I love you- Lizette

Sister Diane said...

Okay...I get dibs on laundry! It's the chore I least mind doing. Well, I may not be able to do all that laundry but if you let me watch "10 Years Younger" while I do it I'll get more done!

"Sister Diane" is the name I stupidly chose when my sister got a Google blog not realizing that, gee, maybe I will get to post on someone else's blog someday.

Love ya, girlfriend! Diane

erin said...

Hey Angela,
Keep your spirits up! I am sending you good thoughts.
Erin [Okuno]