Monday, June 4, 2007

June 4th - The Lung Biopsy

Well, that was this side of hell. They poke a hole in my chest, kept asking me to breath and hold it and then scrape in inside of my lung. It wasn't until I coughed up blood several times, that I really decided that the rectal ultrasound was MUCH better than this. My doc was amazing, and the nurse even more amazing. I had to stay longer in recovery because air had gotten between my lung and my chest wall. I did stablize and was released home. Finally now, I am able to sit up without pain, but I can't laugh, cry, breath deeply, etc. without pain. Hopefully, the pain will be gone by tomorrow. Results of the biopsy will be in Wednesday. I have an apppointment with my oncologist at 4:40pm. I have Tuesday off - thank God.

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