Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comedy (?) of errors....

Well, the surgery went well.  My surgeon is pleased and very pleased that I didn't get a hole in my lung since I am prone to that with the slightest nick.  There was some bleeding which obscured the view (and I am thinking how could there not be bleeding?!?!  I don't know how you people do anything!!!!).  We will not know the final results until three months from now at my next scan.  Karissa was there the entire day with me and even really got into the explanation of the procedure.  When he left she said, "That was really nice.  He is really good."  I know.  I am sooooooooooo lucky.  Because my doc is my doc and he is so careful, I spent the night in the hospital.  What I nightmare that was.  Karissa was going mad with the people around me because I was in the "fall wing" where they are all old, disoriented people who have a tenancy to fall.  So, all the beds have this pad on them that screeches the "Mary had a Little Lamb" song every time they get up.  And, by the way, they are like jack rabbits.  I got up to go the bathroom, unhooking, unplugging  dragging all of my crap with me.  I think I went four times in 18 hours.  They were up like 4 times every thirty mins.  HOLY COW!  One family, brought their ENTIRE family that night and then the room on the other side of me had a bed that was a translating bed.  It actually translated language but in a horribly robotic voice.  When the nurses saw me coming, they ordered me earplugs (which I used for 14 of the 18 hours I was there).  I thought a couple times that this experience could convince me that dying young may not be so bad.....  They tried a new painkiller on me that was a narcotic   That did not work well.  I vomited and vomited and vomited.  So, we ended up with giving me the anti nausea drug and then 40 mins later giving me the lowest dose the computer would accept for the narcotic   I am so glad the surgery went well because recovery is a bitch.    I forgot how much it hurts when somebody actually burns your lungs.  I will not be back to normal as quick as I thought.  I got home noon yesterday, Karissa fed me and her which goes against her principle of "will work for food." but she told me I could pay her back and I fell asleep on the couch.  PEACE finally.  At 1:30 I got a call from my Mom's cell phone.  She started the conversation with, "Angie, I only have two bars on my phone and I have a lot to say to you...."  Basically, she was being admitted into the hospital for severe anemia and tested to check for internal bleeding.  So, after I got a hold of all of her other docs to let know that this was happening, what they needed, etc., we determined that this was good to get the results sooner to get her blood up to par for her surgery on the 14th.  I had one hour to figure out what to do with the boys....Dad always taught me to prepare for the worst and Plan B went into action.  Call Dad,  he picks up the kids before going to the hospital for Mom, Grant is in Portland, Coleen, our neighbor, comes over to take care of the kids until Grant can get home at 4:30 when she has to leave to pick up her sister at the airport.  Dad shows up white as a sheet, send boys to make pictures for Grandma, sit Dad down to tell him that Mom is not dying they are doing this so that we get result and solution in 24 hours - not two weeks.  The is the only way to get the results pronto, muy rapido.  Coleen shows up starts working with the boys.  Dad has color in his face. I send him to the hospital.  Called Donna to tell her what is going on.  She is part of Plan C When Shit Hits the Fan Plan, and I tell her she is on deck.  I look at Coleen and she says, "Go to sleep."  So, I did.  I woke up and Grant gave me dinner.  I asked him about today and Plan B, Champions (After school care that has been put on alert as of last week), and Beckey (Mia's Mom).  He said, "I will call her tonight.  It will all be fine."  I emailed the teachers in the morning.  Plan B is in place.  I can rest.  Then Mom calls from the hospital and says the machine to do her test is broken so she is on hold.  Dad is like, "Are we just supposed to wait around forever?!?!"  Yes, Dad you are and you will.

THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HAVE COVERED GRANT AND MY BACKSIDES IN THIS.  What would I do without you.  Back to bed.  Love, Ang

Sunday, February 24, 2013

February - here and gone....

Wow, February has been crazy good and good crazy.  It started with my trip to NYC to see two of my besties.  I had the greatest time and one day we just sat in the apartment for most of the day and watched Homeland.  Scary, but true.  Then, home for the scan and you all know how that went - pretty darn good!   Nolan's sixth birthday, half days at school, parent teacher conferences, Valentine's Day, 3 day ski trip to Big White and 3 nights in Kelowna with Rob and Jen and the girls, and back.  Things I learned:  never under any circumstance make your own pinata for your child's birthday party - Nolan had the UGLIEST PINATA in world history, when you make a pinata buy the PINATA MIX.  Lolipops don't make it - poor children.  Teacher Conferneces - my kids are smart and love school.  Valentine's day is cute now because my boys want to be my Valentine and marry me.  They really mean it because Nolan does not say anything he doesn't mean.  Skiing with your family is awesome.  So, this is the first ski trip that we skied as a family.  When they were babes, Grant and I would split a ticket and trade off, then they were in morning lessons and we would split in the afternoon based on level, etc.  This year we skied all together.  Four of us all on the same lift, four of us through the trees, four of us laughing together, and me saying things like, "Mason where are your ski tips?!!?!?!?  R-i-g-h-t...they shouldn't be there."  The kid is weird.  He is great down the slopes but in the ski line and getting off the lift he is a wreck.  He is lookin' around - ski tips everywhere.  We ended the day with, "Okay, your only goal on this run is to not fall in the ski line or at the top.  Achieved!  Nolan missed our chair once because he had to ski with poles and would not accept help.  The lift didn't even slow down, he was scooped up and put on the next chair.  The people he rode up with were great.  A screaming child was quickly settled and became a trooper.  AND, he didn't dork around with poles again. Things that make you go...HMMMM.  Skating both days in the outside rink in Kelowna brought some tears to my eyes and when we got in trouble for playing around with hockey sticks and pucks, I explained my husband was just trying to relive his childhood with his kids.  Patrol eased way up and we didn't get in trouble.  I love Canadians for that.  Good food, good friends, good wine.  Nothing better.  Then, the long drive back and all of us zoned out with Nolan talking, talking, talking.  He finally said, "Hello?  Can anybody hear me?  Am I talking to a wall?"  It sounded so much like me we all started laughing.  Back in the States for Mason's last hockey game, and his teacher came!  WOW, was he happy!  And now today, going to Fred Meyer, arrends, accupucture, etc.  My surgery is tomorrow at 10am.  Somehow, everything got approved quickly.  So, off I go to pack up the boys, get ready, and have a lot of red meat tonight so my blood work is up for tomorrow.  I may have to spend the night at the hospital, but that is not all bad.  I will be fine.  Everything will be fine.  I sure liked February.  Love, Ang

Monday, February 11, 2013

Scan results are....

I know I have not been on the radar for a couple weeks and I have lots to talk about, but the thing most people want to do is, "What the frick were your scan results?!??!"  I got them today.  I met with my Cyberknife Dr. and then I saw Hank.  Well, my scan was not perfect, but darn close and NO CHEMO.  The two spots that they worked on in November are doing nicely.  Cyberknife doc very happy.  Hank very happy.  BUT, there is a new spot.  BUT, they think they can get it with a procedure that is done on the same path as Cyberknife, but a bit quicker.  Remember back to the end of October when they placed my markers for my lung tumor in the muscles outside of my lung?  Well, this procedure, is a larger needle to the tumor and then they either freeze or heat it up to lethal temperatures killing it immediately.  BOO YAA!  The doc that placed my original markers will be doing this procedure also.  He called this afternoon believing that he would have a very good chance of success, but explained that he will most likely not get the margin that he wanted on the side of the tumor next to my heart.  Little does he know all my drama about vaginal leakage and margins during my tumor removal down south!  So, I am like, "Gotcha.  I understand that part." as I am taking a helicopter out of Mia hair.  I will probably have to be in the hospital overnight without complications and a few nights with (chest tubes, bleeding, and such).  I was like, "Okay....sounds right....gotcha......sound good......"  I must have sounded bored, because he was like, "Are you sure you don't have any other questions or concerns?"  I said  "Nope, I do want you say.  You and your group have given me almost six years.  So, you say it, I do it."  It is so cute because this doc HATES compliments, so I give them to him. It is kinda mean I think, but it is just precious when he goes, "Uh, well, okay.....uh, I think.....yes, I think....that is will call me with questions, yes?"  "Yes, of course.  Have a great day!"  So, back to insurance and all that has to bring.  I figure we got two weeks of that and it will be in March sometime.  EXHALE.  Yeah.  YEAH ME.  Now, to homework!  Happy Monday, Ang