Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Head Cold and Shawn

So, I am doing really well outside of my head cold.....it is starting to annoy me! Anyway, currently, Mason is at the park with Jane, Nolan is taking his morning nap, and I am blogging because I NO IDEA how many people read this thing regularly until I didn't post for few days! Holy cow people - I am flattered!!!! Update on the hair - I still have it. Shawn, my hairdresser, and I talk everyday when he gets out of welding class (yep welding!) about the status of my scalp, hair loss, etc. He is the most amazing guy. He is calmly walking me through this - I am so lucky to have him. He has ever offered to come to my house when, and if, it does happen. Mason would love his truck - it is HUGE and LOUD! I think it will also distract him from me getting my head shaved. Last night, was my big night out - I went to scrapbooking. I love the drive, I love the company, and I love picking up one avocado for Mason from QFC on the way home. The checker recognized me this week and say, "No bag, right?" I guess not many people buy one avocado at 10pm in Normandy Park very often! I am in good spirits this week and confident again that I will beat this. Thank you again for all the cards, email, post, etc. They give me courage and strength. Have a great day - I will, Ang


Anonymous said...

Ang, I really don't know you very well, but I just had to drop you a note of encouragement. I have been retired from Tuthill for 5 months. We also went through the wringer - my wife Ruth had breast cancer. Surgery + radiation. She is doing great. I had major electrical problems with my heart. That is now fixed and haven't felt better in many years. Bottom line, it will get better!!! Eugene and Ruth Arnold

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: your male hairdresser has a big truck and also welds? Where do you find these people?

Anonymous said...

I thought the point of the blog was so that you could write on your own schedule. Don't let us pressure you Ang.