Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 6th - The Diagnosis

I have Stage 4 rectal cancer. The biospy was positive. The same cancer in my rectum is in my lung. This is not the worse case my doctor has ever seen, but not the best. My doctor has told me that the odds are against me, but he has seen people come out of this and be in remission for a number of years - 15 and counting in one case. We are not going to do radiation first. We are doing Chemo starting next week. After about three rounds of that (six weeks), we may add radiation if my body can handle it or go straight to surgery. One surgery for my lung; one for my rectum. The plan all depends on how I respond to Chemo. I may loose my hair....I may be nauseous....I may loose feeling in my fingers and toes, I may have tremors that last for two days from touching things too cold (like my son's milk), I may be tired, the list goes on... How am I? Not good, but determined. I have my moments of both. I will be sad for a couple of days. I plan on enjoying the weekend with my family and getting ready for the fight of my life. Then, next week, they put in a port-a-cath and start chemo. Again, I am determined that this will not be my end. As for help, I will get that together this weekend and talk to Sarah S. who is helping me with that. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Angie Girl! We have begun to mobilize as a group to lend a hand at anything that you need to help you get through this …….AND YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS...... Regina, Cindy, Nadine and I are ready and willing to do whatever you want or need from us.

Put us to work! We will be there for you, Grant, Mason, Nolan, Sharon and Keith.

We love you so very much. Daily prayers are being said and we will continue to pray that you and your family be given the strength to put up a good fight and prevail!

With all my love and support,


The Andersen's said...

Hi Angie,

Bill's and my thoughts and prayers are with you!! We have been watching the progression through your blog and are very heavy hearted. But - with your strength and the support group I see surrounding you, I know you will win this battle!! We will be in Seattle in Aug to deliver our oldest to grad school and will check closer to that time for any wants or needs!! In the meantime, like Jane, I am a plane ride away and would love to help with household duties, childcare, or just plain nurturing if needed. My email is

Lot's of love to you, Grant, Mason, and Nolan!!

With love,

Leslie and Bill

charlene gorman said...

Angela: You and your family are in not only my thoughts and prayers here in Fl. but in the hearts of my friends keeping you in good thought and prayers also. You are a wonderful friend to many and everyone will be there to support you. Your strong will and love of your family will help you through this. You are a very special lady.
Charlene Gorman
Deb Ronnholm's Mom

Caitlin Antes said...
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helen w. said...

Angie: I'm so sorry I haven't responded till now. I just have not had the words to tell you how sorry we are. Please know that we are right down the street at work, so if you should need something please let me know. We will help with meals, shopping, mowing the lawn, laundry etc. You are strong Angie and I know you can beat this. All our love Frank and Helen

Caitlin Antes said...

Hey Angie! My mom called me and told me the other day, and to be totaly honest I wasn't that upset! And you know why? Because you've always been way too much of a badass to let something as little as cancer take you down. I know that you're going to f*ing beat this cancer. You're going to pound its face into the dirt and you're going to do it with one hand tied behind your back.

Your rowdy cheering squad,


John & Trina said...

Hey Dudette,I didn't get to talk to you this A.M. so hopefully Grant saved some of that apple fritter for you,one of my favorites! I've been talking to some of the people on the route about you the last few days,yes you are on my mind a lot lately. I now know I have people fighting cancer all around me,a bank manager with breast cancer(very optimistic) and a warehouse mgr.(pancreatic/liver)not so optimistic,they both felt so bad for your situation and are praying for you during their trials as well.Love ya mucho,John & Trina

Anonymous said...


you know already, but I love you. Because you just can't say it enough. I love you. Yep. Ooh, and I have pie. You can never have enough pie. Or baklava. Or love.


Charlene Waymire said...

Like everyone else, this whole thing just weighs so heavily on my heart. And I've got everyone I know sending you positive thoughts and prayers - and even people I don't know for that matter.

Try to continue to be that strong, resilient, remarkable woman we all know you to be. But it is also way okay to cry. We are all here for you - like you have always been for us.

Take care sweetie and don't hesitate for one second to ask for help (or even call in the middle of the night to let it all out).

Love you lots, Charlene

Shannon Felner said...

Oh Ang, I want to hug you and cry with you right now. I am so, so sorry. You are strong, and you are woman (we are VERY strong), and I love you dearly. What a dear friend you have been in my life.


Grace said...

I read all of these comments and all I can think to say is "ditto" ... I love you, Mike and I are there for you, and this will not beat you. Because you are Angie.

Much love to you, Grant, Mason and Nolan. I will be in touch with whoever you designate as point of contact to do whatever I can.


Anonymous said...

I'm really not sure what to say except that we love you and can & will to do anything we can to help you through this - and you will get through this. You have the love and support of so many people around you.

Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you, Grant, Mason, Nolan, Sharon & Keith

- Joanne & Andy

leslie kendall said...

Oh Angie - I just want to scream - I don't understand why you have to go through this, but please know I am here for you and your family. I heard someone say it's not how big your problem is, but how big your God is - so keep having faith.
Leslie Kendall
ps - I love to do laundry and I know someone else volunteered - so I will up the ante and do your laundry and bring over a big bottle of wine!

Jennifer Burkhardt said...

Angela, I positively adore you and am still struggling to process this. I sat at my computer Monday night with tears streaming down my cheeks after I read the blog and just thought and prayed and repeated the same...for two hours. You are such a strong and beautiful person, and SO LOVED. I have been thinking of you constantly and will support you in my prayers. I would also welcome the chance to help you in ANY way, housework, chores, visiting, childcare...please let me know and I will be there immediately.
All my best,
Jennifer Burkhardt

Anonymous said...


There are people you know in your life that regardless of how long its been since you've seen them- you know they are in your heart and thoughts. I am here to help however I can.

Not sure you guys would appreciate my cooking- but I can bake up a storm! And Scotty and Cassidy are old enough to help me watch the boys and keep them company when you need a break. And I have a minivan so I can cart them all safely, so that helps! :)

As many have said, if there is one person in my life who I know can beat this thing, it's you! You are a woman, you are a mom and you are strong! You can do this and we'll be there to help.

All our love,
Paula, Scotty and Cassidy

Vicki Sproat said...


Boy, if anyone can beat this, you can! And YOU WILL. You're one determined chick. Remember when you were trying to find our preacher who was late for our wedding? And, boy, did you ever find her butt!!

Please know we are here to help. We'd love to cook you a great meal. I have lots of firemen favorites. And Chris has more gadgets for yardwork and the house than HGTV and Bob Villa! You know I'm a good listener since I'm a court reporter, so call me for a phone or in-home venting session, okay?

How about a trip to the fire station for the kids? And let us take you on a relaxing boat ride to watch a sunset or two. We've got room for lawn chairs to relax!!

If you still have kitties, talk to them or cry. They will be there for you, unconditionally.

You are in our hearts & prayers through this bump in the road. God bless you and all your family.

Vicki & Chris, & our 4-legged kids: Magic, the dog; Cashmere & Chili, the cats

Michelle Nelson said...

Angie baby,there are no words to express how deeply sorry I am. You are in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, that can kick the crap out of cancer - pun intended - it's you. peace grace and love to you and your family. I'll be down and out for a week or two but have an able-bodied 15-year-old who will gladly help any way he can.

Sister Diane said...

Ang, I am so sorry. No one should have to go through this. You are not alone, by any means. You obviously have a ton of friends and any time, day or night, you can cry out to Jesus.

My husband, Tim, is a 10-year survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. If you need a shoulder he's there for you, girl. Lots and lots of people survive and you will be one of them because the #1 thing is attitude. (You got plenty 'o that, my friend!)

Save some laundry for me!

becky bly said...

Angie, You are in my Prayer... If there is anything I can do let me know.. Love ya!!! Becky Bly from Spokane