Sunday, June 10, 2007

And so I go....

And so I go.....before 6:00am, I will have checked into Swedish Hospital. First, to surgery to get my port-a-cath and recovery. Then, up to my oncologist's office for blood work, and finally arrive for my five hour chemo cocktail. And so I go...with my books of inspiration, books for book club, my laptop my mom got me just for this, pixy dust and stars.... And so I go....with my heart clear, humor in my voice, and lightness in my step. Oh, I am scared, but not fearful for I am in the hollow of God's hand. And so I husband on one side, my mom on the other, my aunt caring for my children and all my loved ones cheering me on with every step. And so I go.......


Unknown said...

Hi Ang,

Nancy emailed me your blog after she told me about your diagnosis. And while we never did get those facials we had intended to for her wedding, I'm so glad we had other opportunities to bond (like over her church's monster of a wedding coordinator... ah, good times...)

Thank-you for the poetry as you embark on this journey. Along with the resignedness and the fear comes through the hope and the conscious decision for a positive attitude. Amazing.

Ginger helps nausea. I like the hard candy ones but the candied ginger works well too.

Make sure to have Nancy cook for you. Chick can cook. And when I gave birth to Teira, she was the first of my friends to bring us sustenance. Making breast milk out of frozen Hungryman meals is a tall order so I was very thankful when she and James came with real food.

You make fast friends. You are so well loved. And those who barely know you (like me) count you as a friend almost immediately.


Anonymous said...

Angie - I am thinking about you and praying for you. Having been on the other side of the cancer diagnosis, I understand what Grant is going through and I am praying for him as well.

If you need/want someone to talk to who has been there, please email or call John. We as spouses can sympathize and love you, but we can't truely understand what you are going through.

John ( or (907)683-9269

charlene gorman said...

Angela: You are in my special thoughts and prayers this morning. It is wonderful to have the loving support that surrounds you. Keep a smile on that beautiful face and your strong will. Your strenth is amazing. Whenever I have been in troubles of any kind I always remember the line, "This too will pass"
charlene g.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
I have one week to visit and help you or Charoncita with whatever I can. Let me know when is best for you, to ask for vacations at work and make the travel arrangements. All my family is praying for u. Te mandamos un fuerte abrazo y nos vemos pronto!
Gabriela GM

erin said...


Good luck! Several close friends, family, and co-workers that have gone through similar cancer treatments. Like you their bad-ass came out too.


Unknown said...

Thank goodness you are done with the first step of the cure. I hope it went smoothly. From now on the fear will get less and less. A really good bra will help with the healing and pain control of the port while the incisions heal. I freaked at first and thought that it was infected, no my breasts were pulling on it and it made it sore. Love your P.D. sister (aka pixy dust)

Auntie Jane Hainsworth said...

Angie, I've been sending prayers and hopes upstairs for you almost every minute today, as you took on this hard work. Hope you rest well tonight. It must have been a trying day. Love Jane

leslie kendall said...

Hi Angie - I have been thinking of you today and sending you prayers and good have really been on my mind and heart alot. I flew to New York on the red eye on Thursday night/Friday morning - and at one point I woke up on the airplane and saw the sunrise and my first thought was - Angie is going to be just fine - very comforting thought. I'm cheering you on my dear -
Leslie Kendall

Sandy Grancaric said...

Hi Angie and Grant,
Sandy and Melanie from Toronto here!
We just found out about your situation a couple of days ago and have not been able to think of anything since.Our thoughts and prayers are with all four of you.We know all to well when cancer strikes,its a whole whack of people that are involved.It's an emotional rollercoaster(the kind that makes you sick as hell)
We found out in January,rather abruptly,that Melanie's dad has cancer;more specifically,tumor in his brain and one in his lung.I don't want to sugar coat anything( as Grant very well knows ,I'm not good at that),chemo has been difficult, and at times exhausting for him.But,being a man of 75 years,getting up in the morning is exhausting enough!He has had 4 cycles of chemo and countless bouts of radiation.And in his typical stobborn fasion,he is not letting it beat him.He is determined to fight this bastard on his terms.
I know you and I know eachother as well as our geography allows us, but you strike me as the type,like my father in law,that will kick this cancer's ass!!(pardon my all to obvious pun)
Just recently I visited Paul Osmond, an old highschool freind.
I'm not sure if Grant has ever mentioned him,but I will.About 8 years ago,he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and lung cancer.He lost one of his "boys" and had a grapefruit sized tumor removed from his lung,and did chemo.Today he is 7 years cancer free and has a wonderful wife and two beautiful boys!!
What can I say about your husband that you don't already know.Grant is one the "good guys"(I think I must of rubbed off on him!)
He will do what ever it takes to help you beat this bump in the road!!
Angie,you WILL beat this!!Stay positive and focused.I know it's easy for me to say,but I know you can do it!
Grant,what can I say buddy,you know I love and care about you as if you were a brother(okay...lots more brains than my brother!)Hang in there,call if you need to call,send an e-mail,whatever you need.(

Hope this little note gives you a little smile, or tear for that matter,it did for me,
All our love and hope!!

Sandy Grancaric and Family

Sister Diane said...

Go, Angie, Go! You can do it, yes you can!

Been praying for you this week. You are my hero.

Diane Gaffney