Monday, June 18, 2007

Almost normal

I met with a social worker last week and she said that I should try and discover my new "normal" which I took to mean "living my life with cancer". This weekend was probably a good example of that. Friday morning was bad, Friday afternoon was good, Friday evening was great. Friday afternoon, Grant and I were out with Mason and Nolan playing in the front yard, talking to our neighbors, watching kids playing basketball, badminton, etc. The sun was out, Nolan was eating his bottle and spitting up on my neighbor. You know, just a regular afternoon. Grant and I watched half of a movie that night, "Failure to Launch". We laughed hard together. That was great. Saturday morning was okay. My family went for a walk. Sarah S. came over to help with housework which turned out to be vacuuming, bathing Nolan, and going to the store to get pickled ginger (nausea). My neighbor mowed the grass and Grant's coworker brought over amazing Chinese food. But the real feat of the day was that I went to West Side Story with my Mom and my Aunt. See, we have season tickets to the 5th Ave and I had not been anywhere except the Cancer Institute in weeks. So, I got myself together (taped up so I could shower), put makeup on, dressed up, got a 7up for the road, and went. I wasn't doing so good on the way, but the walk to the theater was good. Before we went in, I saw an old coworker of mine. When we said hello, I asked if she had heard. She said yes. When she said it there was no pity in her eyes and I was thankful for that. So, I replied, "Well you know how I am then, what the heck happened to your foot?!?!?!?" She broke it in Italy...FUN! We had a great conversation and for a moment I felt normal. It was wonderful. After the show, we came straight home, I was so tired I went to bed at 6:30pm and slept until 8:00am the next day. Apparently, part of the new normal. Father's Day was not what I had pictured, but I did manage to get Grant out for golf and relieved of kid duties for the evening with the help of Sarah L. (not to be confused with Sarah S. from Saturday). We watched a couple episodes of Scrubs from Netflix and we laughed which was the best part.


Grace said...

Aren't we constantly finding "the new normal" in our lives? Life is all about change, isn't it? :-) Look forward to the day when the new normal is being able to add year after year to the words "Cancer free". I sent the blog to mom the other is now her daily reading and affirmation as it is mine.

Take care and I'll call you soon...I'll have to see you next week if I can - my current cold (from the weekend) is just bad company!
Love, Grace

Anonymous said...

You know what else is normal? Karen leaving sarcastic comments! Well, be prepared, because I will refrain no longer . . . FREE AT LAST!! WHEEEEE!!!