Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Almost normal

Well, I got out today. Had coffee with a long time friend, dropped off some dishes to another, and went to Safeway. Of course, all of this was possible because Sarah took the kids for a few hours. It was great to get out - the sun felt awesome, the coffee tasted amazing, and familiarity of old friends embraced me. I am thankful for this good day and it looks like I may have my "good week" back. Opps, Nolan is eating paper....better go...I am okay....please don't worry.....I am on the upswing of this round. If I could just get Nolan to stop eating paper, that would be great - I do feed him!!!! Love, me


Jill said...

What's with the paper??? Ben has started a fascination with chewing on paper recently too!!

Anonymous said...

Mason has learned the great secret of fishing, it's all about the process, who needs water when a blankie will do and who needs fish?
Talk to any grown fisherman and they too enjoy the process as much as the fish. Congratulations Mason has been introduced to one of lifes real pleasures. By the way kids put worse things than paper in their mouths. Stay positive Ang.
With love to you and yours, pat&mag