Sunday, August 19, 2007

Off to chemo tomorrow...

Don't have much to report this time other than I had a great weekend. I am starting to really like Saturdays. It is busy with people coming to help, dinner delivery, and lots of visits. It is my main social outlet these days! I also appreciate that people come in the morning, so I can nap/rest while my boys do in the afternoon. I also like Sunday because it has turned into a great family day. Today we went to my girlfriend's daughter's birthday. It was really fun and nice. Mason was a maniac, and had the best time. Nolan did well, but he is a bit cranky when he is not in 'his' bed for nap. So, off to chemo I go. Knowing that I am in the hearts and prayers of so many, it is an easy journey. Knowing that I will be sick for a few days and go to some pretty dark places, it is only temporary. The days after are forever. With friends like these I cannot fail - have a great week - love, Ang


leslie kendall said...

Hi Angie - Thinking of you alot today.....there is something about the rain that is very cleansing - and I keep thinking of your chemo as just that - cleansing you.

I have a funny visual for you - Rookie and I got caught in the downpour on Saturday while we were my brilliant idea was to bring him to my house to dry him off before taking him - into the garage he went - and I took off all of my clothes since I was soaking wet....well - when I came back into the hallway to head upstairs (totally naked), I had left the front door wide open. Thankfully, I did not see anyone, so hopefully no one saw me! Ooy vey!

I know it must be a little different without Jane here - but please call on me for anything.

Anonymous said...

We worry, 3 days and no blog. As your friends we read into your silence all manner of dire things. Monday you were off to see the Wizard of Chemo and then no word.
We are here for the good times and the bad, the sunlight as well as the shadow. You not only have a right to be angry you have an obligation to be angry and best of all you can get angry at us and we understand. By the way I would like to know why I don't have any neighbors like Leslie, the only excitement we have is when one of the old people down at the home slips out the door and runs down the road with their hospital gown flapping in the breeze.
Our love to you and yours pat&mag