Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another grateful weekend

Well, Saturday was the best and icky all in one. The best because of all the friends I have supporting me like the very old friend that took care of me in the morning with yard work, a meal, and house cleaning. The icky part was the butt cancer part - sometimes painful but always taxing (but Leslie did say a looked beautiful, so all was not lost on Saturday!). Sunday, however, I felt great. So great that I went to Fred Meyer - by myself - and did my shopping. I love that store - everything under one roof! Then we went for a family walk which was sublime. REALLY it was. It was a perfect temperature, I could feel the air brush the back of my neck as I pushed the ever so bored Nolan saying (if he could talk), "So bored! Really can we get home so I can scoot around the floor and take Mason's toys?!?!?!?!" Yep, he is scooting and sitting up - all before six months. I told Jane to tie him to a board, but she didn't. JUST KIDDING CHILDHAVEN! ;) Mason and Grant were racing down the bike trail. Mason was running just fast enough to be ahead of Grant, but then a LEAF! Stop - get leaf - starting running again just fast enough to beat Daddy. WAIT - Blackberry bushes!!!! STOP - eat blackberries on my already dirty race, smear them on my leg and my shirt and then say, "HI!" to EVERYONE going by. That's my boy! When we got home, Dad and Mason rode bikes, Nolan still bored stiff watched in the stroller while I made dinner. Yep, there is the shocker! I MADE DINNER. For the first time since diagnosis, I MADE DINNER. It was just pasta with my alfredo/pesto sauce, but I did salad and dipping oil. I hope that counts! We all ate together and it was beautiful. Then, Mason demanded to go next door to visit Sam, Luke, and Grace. Nolan started fussing because he was DONE with being strapped into anything and it was life as usual - busy and loud. My moment was gone.....but I still got my moment. Have a great week. Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

The strength and integrity of your upbringing comes thru in your enjoyment of the basic values of life. Your parents need to be recognized for the terrific job they did in bringing up such a fine human being as you Angela. To your Mom and Dad I say "JOB WELL DONE"!
And to you Angela, keep pushing that stroller and making that pasta, God is in his/her heaven and all is right with the world.

Anonymous said...


Your writing puts everything into perspective. It is amazing to note the little moments in our lives that we all take for granted. Walking with the kids, making a truly unfantastic dinner, or slipping into a cool pair of jeans -- are actually truly precious moments if we just had the presence of mind to savour them. You are inspirational.

With Love, Peter, Jo-Ann, Amelia and Paige.

ps We would love to drop down for another short visit some time, if you are up to it.