Friday, August 10, 2007

Operation Hair Dye/Update

Well, I dyed my roots with over the counter hair dye and my hair is still on my head. Previous to Operation Hair Dye, I asked my oncologist if I should and he looked at me like, "Do I look like a dye technician? I am trying to save your life here. Not really concerned about the hair." Luckily it came out, "{Term of endearment like sweetie, but he didn't use that}, if you still have your hair at this point, do whatever and see what happens." He is pretty savvy. So, I dyed it and crossed my fingers. I guess crossing your fingers really does work! for this week, thanks to Bob making take the anti nausea drugs I faired pretty well this round. The boys came home yesterday afternoon. Nolan is in a growth spurt and eating his head in solids. Mason happily went to day care today because it is "Camping Week" and he gets to nap in his sleeping bag. The weekend should be pretty quiet, as I am still a bit fatigued for the chemo. It doesn't help that Nolan still gets up twice in the night to feed his thunder thighs! Jane is coming over for a bit today to help with Nolan and I am going to go out like a normal person and run some errands. I might even get a coffee. Yes, I am wearing the sexy jeans! Funny story on that front...I was wearing them yesterday and playing with the boys outside. I squatted down to help Nolan with something and apparently my t-shirt didn't cover all the way to my jeans. So, Mason, got off of his bike and came over to cover me up. He was all in a thither yammering on about my t-shirt and jeans. Not all of it was understandable, but I got the gist, "MOMMY! Cover up!" The jeans do cover me, but apparently not enough for Mason! Have a great weekend and watch your jeans! Love, Ang


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Hey, have you emailed my Sarah? She is waiting to hear from you.

leslie kendall said...

You looked beautiful when I saw you yesterday Angie - LOVE your new sassy glasses - and thumbs up on the hair! You have also given me permission to go out and buy an expensive pair of jeans - I too want a hot tushy :) Have a great day - and remember I am right here whenever you need anything (especially babysitting my new heart throb baby Nolan)
Leslie Kendall