Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Celebratory Weekend

Last weekend was full of celebrations. Rob and Jen came down from Kelowna, BC with the girls, Nadia and Natasha, for a visit. We made stepping stones with the girls and went "little girl clothes shopping" - not something I get to do often. The rules were it had to coordinate well, but it must have glitter!!!!! We had so much fun. They did so well! Where was Mason? Well, Mason got to go to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin from Thursday to Saturday. My Aunt Donna helped me out all last week because Jane got the week off. Nolan was with me and we did okay. Jane's family came to town to do a whirl wind trip of the North Cascades and Vancouver. Anyway, Mason loved the cabin. Mason got home about 4pm on Saturday talking only about riding in the boat with Uncle Doug and sleeping upstairs. He quickly got into playing with the girls and they were off - a few sharing problems with Mason and Natasha, but they worked it out. My son is not the saint I thought he was......oh well something to work on! Saturday night, my girlfriend, Sherry made an amazing celebratory dinner for all of us - Canlis Salad, with an amazing polenta dish with three different cheeses and a Fran's chocolate dessert with coconut granache (sp)! Too bad Robin ate most of it, but most of you know ROBIN! They brought wine so I guess it is fair. Sunday, the guys went golfing and Jane watched ALL FOUR of the kids so Jen and I could do some big girl shopping. I was Jen's personal shopper. We got running shoes, causal shoes, and sandals. I was SOOOOO in my element! Outside of her choking me once because she was only "authorized" for two pairs and we bought three - WHATEVER - it went well! She then insisted on going to Fred Meyer - the only place I needed to go for errands before chemo. She pushed the cart and that was nice. I much preferred shoe shopping! Oh, I almost forgot - we had lunch on a patio with a beer and I could drink it!!!! THANK YOU JANE! Jen and I realized that we hadn't been alone together since before Mason was born, but they guys always get to golf......mmmmmmmmm......that is going to change! Monday morning Grant had a training early, but Rob and Jen stayed until I went to chemo so I could pack up the boys properly for them to go to Grandma and Grandpa's with Jane on Monday......wow - all the support, all the celebration, all for me...wow! Well, back to the couch, having a bit of trouble with the joints so I need to drink more water and relax a bit. Chemo went well - I have a new appreciation for it. Have a great day - Love, Ang

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Anonymous said...

You might think it odd that I understand about shopping with children but when my wife left us in 1979 my kids were 4,6 and 8. They learned quickly that I was a fast shopper and our excursions to the clothing and shoe stores were rapid deployment exercises consisting of locating target apparel try on for size and buy. We had a lot to do and since I worked during the day we shopped on the week ends. Single parenting is for the birds although when I read your notes I remember those days with great nostalgia. All of this is by way of saying you are doing a great job! Live each moment to the hilt, it is all any of us can do.Love to you and your gang!! pat&mag