Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scan results were good, BUT

and this is a big BUT. While my cancer is continually going away, it is not gone and I will have to continue chemo. In addition, I have blood clots in both of my lungs. So, I got a phone call this morning with a "we need to see you and start medication TODAY". Surgery is postponed until the blood clots are gone. So, I am on two shots a day until I can transition to a pill, but that will not be for a long, long time. This does not make my chances any harder of beating this, but it is another challenge that I get to face, oh, and my car wouldn't start this morning, but the furnace comes tomorrow and with the help of AAA they figured out that I had water in my gas line and got it started. Thankful for little miracles. What a week - love, Ang


auntie jane said...

What is it they say about things coming in threes??? I don't remember if it is supposed to be good things, bad things or just things. Well whatever,you are now due for three good things to keep balance the universe. I hope they all come to you today! Love Jane

Kari George said...

OMG Ang! Fragmin for you, huh?? I'm sorry to hear that life pretty much SUCKS for you right now....but at least your insurance is paying, right?? Gotta count those blessings! Let me know if I can get anything for you...I'm MORE than happy to help!

Love you dear!