Friday, January 28, 2011

Good news

My MRI came back clean - no cancer in my brain and probably no seizure, just a darn bad reaction to the drugs. My oncologist gave me the week off, and we will meet next week to discuss treatment. He and I talked a fair amount in the hospital when Grant was there and I think/hope that we will get to a plan that will get me successfully past the blood clots to surgery and back into remission. I so appreciate all the emails, prayers, thoughts, and energy sent my way - it makes a difference. One person that I would like to call out is Elaine. She has been my driver now for almost four years to chemo. She knows my protocol and when I "went over" she was there too. It must have been pretty scary, but she handled it with incredible strength. She stayed with me through the transfer to the hospital even while I slept. Wow, I probably would have dropped me like a hot potato and headed for the hills, but not her - it is not in her make up. Thank you Elaine for taking care of me, my parents, all of us. Sometime I will tell the tale of what happened in those few minutes, but it is still just a bit too fresh Heck, I made one of the chemo nurse's CRY! Feeling pretty grateful, Ang


Shelly B said...

oh Ang, we are all so happy to hear this good news. i can't tell you how proud of you I am. your positive spirit is carrying you through this with such grace. you are doing just great. all survivors have their stumbling blocks. you have yours, i have mine. but we are going to BEAT THIS THING. so hang in there, sister. brighter days are ahead. xoxoxo, Shelly

ps- Thank you, Elaine!

Anonymous said...


Am so Glad the scans were negative.
You have been on my mind a lot so guess all the good `vibes` have been doing something.
I have faith in you and that you will beat this all.
Take care my friend.

Peggy Smith

Anonymous said...

Great positive news. I have had you in my thoughts and you,Pam

Unknown said...

Angie - I am so happy to hear this good news!

Jill said...

Oh ive been waiting on pins and needles for this post!! Now stop scaring all of us!!!

I'm so glad the scans were good!!!!

Anonymous said...


You've been on my mind all week. Excellent news. Love and prayers to you.