Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sick Again/Parenting Skills

After recovering from my trip to the ER and catching up on my life, I got a head cold - REALLY?!?!?!?! So, I am laying low this weekend, but I feel like I am beating it without it turning to a sinus infection, lung infection, etc. Yeah me! This week has been a good one - Nolan and I started planning and sending invitations to his birthday party, ordering his cake, etc. He is really excited and I am so excited for him. To think I didn't know if I would make it to his first birthday, and now, it is his forth! WOW! I also got to go to lunch this week with a couple girlfriends. How completely NORMAL. I liked it. No, actually, I LOVED IT. Then the cold hit and I gave into it, honoring that I have little to no immune system. One thing that was interesting this week was Nolan told me that I was pretty when I was mad and ugly when I was not mad. Interesting. I am thinking - Wow, there is a picture into your future, I don't particularly want to know about, but OKAY. I have been struggling with the boys a bit. They have gotten into the habit of when they get into a conflict, one of them just starts crying. No use of words, no working it out, nothing. By Friday I was DONE with this. Dr. Phil says, "Find your children's currency and then disciple with that." Okay, well, my children's currency is currency. So, I said, "New rule. You two are crying all the time and I can't tell when something is real or not. I am also finding that you are crying for no reason other than to have me fix the issue between you. So, the next time you frivolously cry, you owe me a dollar. This should encourage you to use your words and work it out or Mommy will get her toes painted with your money."Well, I earned $2 on Saturday and $1 today and the crying has stopped. SUCCESS. However, the really sad part about this is that I was hoping it would be a real money maker. Oh well, at least it is peaceful!!!! Sincerely, the chick with cancer and I think very questionable parenting skills!!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...


Don't put your energy in such things. You are a fabious parent. Kids survive inspite of us over stressing. You are doing all the right things. Accept that and be comfortable in the moment. Take care of you and all other things will fall into place. Hugs,Pam

Kari George said...

WOOHOO! You are right...a great week for you! I'm so happy that at least some of your life is so called 'normal' like going out to lunch, wishing you could get your toes painted, kids bickering and crying, colds, etc., Just remember that....look at all that normalcy in your life! You go girl! Here's to knocking your cold...good for you for laying low despite wanting your toes painted! hehehe!

Love you dear!