Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chemotherapy did not go so well and

They stopped it. They are not sure if I just fainted from an allergic reaction or if I had a seizure. I am spending the night at the hospital for a brain scan and observation. I know I could use less drama. So very tired of this. Grateful that my boys are with my mom and dad, that Grant is coming tonight with a movie so we can act normal, and that I can order anything I want off the menu - the Chocolate cake was good. Karissa said something good is coming my way.....from her lips to God's ears! Loves, Ang


Libby said...

Hang in there. This too shall pass. Sending you and grant positive vibes :)

Auntie Jane said...

Good Morning Miss Angie...Karissa IS one of God's gifts. It seems she is there for you always, and therefore there for those of us the want to be there for you too. So there!

I'm so grateful that you are in good hands, medically, familially (new word for Grant, Sharon, Keith, Donna, Mason, Nolan), friendshiply, spiritually, and gastronomically.

Chocolate cake!

You're Ma Sista!, Lovingly Jane

Myrna said...

With you in heart, Angie. Eat Cake!

auntie jane said...

Congrats on the Honor Roll for Cancer writing!!!! You more than deserve it. Jane