Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How quickly things change

So, this round I have been doing great. I have only had one bad day; my plan worked; things were going great, then......both boys got a cold, then Grant got a cold, and then I got a cold. The difference was the boys and Grant got better and I got a sinus infection - again. You know, I have never gotten so many sinus infections until now! In fact, I have had four my entire life! One after Mason was born, one while I was pregnant with Nolan, and two now during chemo. By 5:00pm yesterday I was taxed, by 7:00pm I was in bed and my 9:00 I was in horrible pain. All I could think about was the scan....I have to be able to go to the scan..... Come to find out, my oncologist was still working at 9:30 last night and called in a prescription for me. I finally got to sleep at about 2:00. So, while I am tired, I am going to my scans today. Mom came over this morning to help, Karissa is watching the boys later and my Mom is coming back until Grant gets home. All the help just to get me to a scan.....ridiculous but more appreciated than anyone knows. Gotta go....Ang


Anonymous said...

An Oncologist working at 9:30 at night a Mom and friends who spring into action as crisis develop, your support network is amazing, it is better than world class it is the envy of the universe!!!
Best of all a patient who goes out to her Scans when she would rather be at home getting over the nasty infection. If you have ever wondered what Fidelity and Courage mean look no further than your own home. We who stay home to nurse a troublesome hang nail Salute you.
Love to ALL, pat&mag

Jennifer Burkhardt said...

Dear Angela, I went by your house today to drop off a meal. I am so HONORED to have been put on the calendar. Thank you, Sarah Szczepanski, for trusting me with this dear family's meal. I am not a good cook and even though this is about YOU, not ME, I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about providing food that other people will (might) eat. I don't even know if you like chicken divine. What if you hate broccoli? What if Grant hates chicken? What if your Mom stays this evening for a bite and she hates curry? What if the kids.... OK, I will stop. There is bread, too, and nobody hates bread (I don't think). It was nice to see your house, as warm and inviting as one would imagine. I've never been to your house, although I've been writing the address on Christmas cards for so many years, it felt familiar to Mapquest it. Once there, I met Karissa, what a NICE woman! I know from the weblog (and common sense!) that someone as wonderful as you would have a HUGE support network of terrific people...but it was heartwarming to look in the eyes of one of the pillars of your support structure...and see her caring so sweetly for Nolan (lunch in the high chair) and Mason (very curious, showing Thomas the Train and snowy Percy). What fun to see Nolan---he is so blonde! What a cute little towhead! And such beautiful blue eyes! A perfect baby. I can't say enough about Mason--he, too, is perfect (a perfect toddler). We played trains for a minute, and he is a bundle of energy and precious-ness, so incredibly cute. He gave me "Five," and when I mentioned leaving, he IMMEDIATELY replied, "Hafta to come back tomorrow." CUTE!!! Very articulate for two! I couldn't believe the words he has. A genius. Chalk it up to his parents. :) Back to Karissa. I asked her how she knew you and she mentioned soccer and Sarah. Which drove home for me for a moment the myriad ways you have touched people's lives...every where you go, everything you do, you make friends. I read somewhere, "to have a friend, you must be a friend." I think that is why you have so many friends--you have always been such a good friend. I am praying for you today (as always) as you have your scans done and will be anxiously checking the weblog. Pat & Mag, I don't know you but I love your are so faithful and so funny. Karissa and Sarah, I don't know you either, but I am so happy that Ang has such loyal friends, such great people, and just want to offer my humble "thanks" for taking such good care of our spirited angel. Keep up the journal, Angela; so many of your loved ones check for it. We are all cheering for you.
love to ALL from me too, Jennifer