Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mom knows best

Yeah, not me. My Mom. Here is how it goes...Friday my Mom was just stopping by to see if she could help. I was still in the house. I had showered and such, but I was still complaining of pain and fatigue. She looked at me and said, "Maybe you get out of the house." I went to the bank and then I came right back saying I was too tired. I took a short nap and when I woke up I told her that I didn't think I was going to clothing party at my cousin's house that night. Mind you, I rested all week so that I could go. I have been wanting to get to one of these CAbi parties for a while now. She looked at me and said that I should go. It should be noted that my Mom has been encouraging me to rest and not go places since diagnosis so this was a marked change. I talked to her for a while and said I would think about it. Meanwhile, Leslie, my ride to the CAbi party, had instant messaged her phone number in case I needed to cancel. While I was looking for it to do that very thing - I closed out the instant message. POOF! Number gone forever. So, at 4:00, I said, maybe this is a sign that I should go. What is the harm? I can always leave early. Maybe I need to get outside like Mom said. So, scooped Nolan up and went to the backyard to dig in my garden. (Yes, I know I am not supposed to, but I am anyway - they can't take EVERYTHING away from me.) Then, Trina, my neighbor, came home. I started talking to her and she came over to help, followed my two of her kids and one from the neighborhood. Suddenly, my backyard was full of chatter and play - and I forgot all about my pain and fatigue. I felt better. Grant came home and I discussed everything with him. His solution, "You need to go to the party tonight." So, I put on my very expensive jeans, Leslie swung by to get me, and and off I went. When I got there, I started chatting and visiting, but I was thinking, "This wasn't a good idea. I am dizzy." So, I sat down, made people eat so we could get to the party part because I wasn't sure how long I could make it. During the presentation, I slowly started feeling better. Alana, my cousin, was very attentive to me and took good care of me all night. And then, in an instant, I was back. Me. I was working the room, making wise cracks, feeling great and lovin' life. I threw on the brown "cozy wrap" from the collection for effect (brown is the color of colon-rectal cancer - no joke) and went for it. Turns out that I was one of the last to leave. My cousin and Kathryn know how to throw a party. Plus, I was surrounded by family and friends. To boot, Leslie is an awesome shopper - you go girl! Yep, my Mom knew all of that and knew I would be safe and loved - good one Mom. In addition, I made all of my appointments yesterday, visited with friends local and from North Carolina and had an awesome day. Today, we are laying low (I am pooped - TIRED THAT IS!) so that we can go to the Puyallup Fair tomorrow with who else? My Mom (and Dad, but sorry Dad, Mom is the one featured today. wink). Have a great day, I will, Ang


Anonymous said...

Keep surrounding yourself with people and experiences that bring you joy and happiness. Positive energy begets positive energy!

Bob said...

Don't be afraid to push the envelope a little on what you think you can do. Chemo brings on fatigue, plain and simple. But I've found that I often get a second wind after being dead-tired from a long day at work, and can manage to actually get a few things done later. A word of caution - be sure to allow yourself some time to recover if you do overdo it a little (like I usually do). Sure, you can't do quite as much as you used to, but it doesn't mean you should stop trying. Like you said - cancer can't take everything from you - it can only take what you allow it to. Enjoy the fair, and be sure to stay well hydrated and wash down a scone for me.