Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looking into innocent eyes...a funny story

Last week, when I went for my CT scan, the aide called me and another patient back at the same time. As we were walking down the LONG hallway, this young man (maybe 20 years old) looked at me with a smile and said, "What are you in for?" I looked at down at him (he was short and skinny) and said without hesitation and in a very matter-of-fact way, "Colon/Rectal Cancer. And you?" He looked crushed. He was like, "Man, I am so sorry. I didn't......" I said to him again, "And you?" He replied sheepishly with, "I fell on my bike." I started laughing inside because he was just a boy that probably started college last week and crashed his bike. I was so close to saying, "I WIN!", but I looked at him again and without words let him know it was okay. I say without words because I knew if I opened my mouth again, "I WIN!" would have come flying out and that would have devastated the poor thing. I hope I didn't scar him too badly. I don't think I he will be asking anyone every again, "What are you in for?" I am still laughing..."I fell on my bike" You have got to be flipping kidding me!?!?!??!?!?! Enjoy your Sunday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you did scare him a wee bit. But then again...perhaps not. Maybe he has figured out that he just met one hell of a courageous human being. You are the ultimate example of what one should do when one falls off the horse (in this case the bike). Pick yourself up and brush yourself off and get right back on that bike.

In your got right back into life. And yes, my dear, you did WIN!!!!! Always.

Anonymous said...

Angela: Wonderful news!! I loved the picture of you and the boys. Looking beautiful!! You surely deserve all the good friends and well wishes as we get what we give. I think of you every day and look forward to seeing you during the holidays. Meanwhile Deb keeps me informed. You are truly inspiring and do deserve the best. All my prayers and best wishes to you and your family. CG

Charlene Waymire said...

Okay, I'm making it official. You no longer can say that you aren't up on the tech stuff. Look at you, Miss Blog Savvy.

Congratulations on the fantastic test results! I was at a scrapbook convention all day Friday and Saturday - which means I was away from the computer and not able to see the news. So needless to say, I was quite anxious to get online last night and read up. But what is up with that darn spot? Is there some quote about a spot? Curt thinks I'm nuts, but that is all that keeps going on in my head.

Anywho... keep doing what you are doing, and we'll all keep doing what we are doing as far as prayers and helping out - because it clearly seems to be working. Have a great week! And maybe I'll even get to see you after the man in brown delivers all my packages this week. Love you lots. CC&B

Anonymous said...

Looking into that young man's eyes must have been a lot like looking into Mason's eyes when he falls of his trike and gets a boo boo. One thing for certain he will never again trip over his own tongue by casually asking "what are you in for?" when he meets someone in the Hospital hallway. pat&mag

Auntie Jane Hainsworth said...

"Out, Out, damn spot!" This is a quote from Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's play Macbeth. She (Lady M.) is sleep walking and muttering something looney that has to do with having knocked her husband off and the forensic evidence/blood spots that were left behind (pre- CSI)..... I guess we all have our issues.

But in this case it sounds like good advice to me. Get out you damned ole spot!!!. Jane