Friday, September 14, 2007

Great week..

What a great week! I had some much fun. I saw friends and family, laughed, and cried, but most of all, just lived my life and loved every minute of it. Couple stories to, in my regiment of healing my fissures I take three sitz baths a day and one is during nap time. Well, Mason didn't nap very well this week, so I had to do them with him awake. So, we read books and sang songs during the 20 mins that I am confined to a bathtub. He finally asked me, "What you doing? Why you taking a bath?" I told him that mommy was sick and her bum was sore. He accepted that answer and went on. When I got out of the bath, he went behind me and said, "MOMMY! Your bum is RED!!!! You have sore bum!!!!" (It was from the water temperature - not the fissures - but funny all the same!) Second story and my moment of the week.....earlier this week the kids were not sleeping well. Mason needed to be tucked in at about 3:00 in the morning every morning and Nolan has four, count them, four teeth coming all at the same time. So, he was up two times at least a night. The good news is that the last two nights he has slept very well, only getting up once. So, this morning, Mason (who fell asleep in the living room chair last night at 7pm) slept through, but got up at 5:50. He came into our room and I lifted him into bed. Grant was already up and downstairs. Mason rested with me for a while and then we heard the coffee machine go (Grant makes me a latte every morning - yes I am super spoiled!!) and Mason said, "Mommy, Daddy is making coffee." So, there is my moment - having a good night sleep, cuddling with my eldest son, hearing the coffee grinder go, and hearing the first coos from my youngest in the other room. PRICELESS. Have a great weekend - Ang

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Anonymous said...

If your son recognizes the sound of the coffee grinder, you are clearly raising him right. Good job, guys. =)