Friday, June 18, 2010

So, here I am in my VERY clean house....

Cleaning is therapeutic for me. And, as I was scrubbing the tops of my kitchen cabinets, I started to think about how things have unfolded. If I didn't have the two spots, we would have never done the PET. If we never did the PET, we would have never found the whateveritis in my right lung and butt. And if we never found that, who knows, maybe it could have killed me. So, before I start feeling 'thankful' for the cancer in my left lung. I am thinking that it just made a bad move. Cancer plays to destroy and conquer, but everyone has a bad move every once in a while. So, sorry cancer, didn't take the fake. LOSER! Today, I am scheduled for blood cultures and on Monday I see my 'new' colorectal surgeon. Funny, he was totally booked through July 1st when they were scheduling me and then with no explanation he was COMPLETELY open Monday. So, I get the first appointment. Weird, but in a very good way. Have a great weekend, Ang


Anonymous said...

Dear Ange: I just read your latest entries and am astonished. Not compared to you but none the less I had hoped for a reprieve for a few years. I know you did too. I am available to do whatever is asked. Love to you and your family. pat&mag

Anonymous said...

Go get doesn't stand a chance!!!!

Love & laughter,


Jill said...

Angie I knew you would come out fighting! We will do anything we can to help. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this again.

Anonymous said...

Positive Attitude now firmly in place it is time to
K-I-C-K S-O-M-E A-S-S. Oops...did I just say ass?

Oh, and btw time to stop cleaning your own house. Let your peeps take care of Y-O-U. Heretofore you are now known as B-U-T-T W-A-R-R-I-O-R !!!!

Go Sister Go.


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