Friday, June 11, 2010

My scan experience this time....

First, there is no news yet. I will find out this afternoon. This week actually went quite well. I was so busy that I didn't think about it much. Plus, when I did, I was oddly calm about it. I took no sleeping aids, no anxiety pills, nothing. I slept well and only had one dream of, "It is back" which was not very convincing like the others where I wake up sweating and breathing hard. On Wednesday night, the boys were out playing with Grant in the street. They were on their bikes playing race track. Nolan, of course, could not stay on course, and Mason was "winning". For those of you that don't live here, we have been having the weirdest weather. We don't normally have thunder storms. We are too mild for that. But this week was different. Swim lessons were almost canceled. It POURS rains - like that doesn't happen here. We are just in a never ending mist. It was just really weird. As I was watching the boys each in their own races (on the same track), I looked up and there is was - a FULL rainbow. Not half, not faded, not a little one, a full on rainbow. My eyes filled up. A long, long time ago I was at a funeral of someone that I cared for very much. She died of cancer - bad bad cancer. She fought a very valiant fight, but as we all know, sometimes that just isn't enough. At her funeral, the pastor said, "When God puts a tear in your eye it means he wants to put a rainbow in your heart." I still have the program of which I wrote that down on the back. I was 12. The rainbow - was it her? Then, as most of you that have read this, one of my favorite songs is by IZ a Hawaiian singer who sang the famous, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Hawaiian style. I used to visualize Kauai when I was first sick and this song, I have played that song every time I have been back. Why is that important? Well, that song was the last scene on the season finale of Glee which I watched last night while holding the phone waiting for my oncologist to call. (I am a little embarrassed that you now know that I watch Glee, but it is REALLY good and it is starting over again this summer if you want watch it too. Episode 4 will have you peeing your pants - guaranteed!) Anyhoo.....I digress..... So, again, the tears. Right before my scan I was with Shelly in chemo. I drank my yummy yummy juice for my scan with her. What I sight. Two blonde women with all of our hair; one in chemo and one drinking contrast. Oh, yeah, and crying we are laughing so hard. Then, Susie found us because she had an MRI that day. She added a whole new element of hilarious. It actually was fun. I will let you know the results when I do...... Love, Ang

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