Monday, June 21, 2010

More tests.....

My blood culture is fine or at least that is what my oncologist's office said when I told them my new colorectal surgeon wanted to schedule a colonoscopy next week which they said, "Yeah, that won't work, find someone else that can do it." And miraculously, my new colorectal guy is available at 8:30 tomorrow.....that keeps happening.... Silver lining....weighing myself tomorrow morning. It is a happy moment when you are dehydrated and there is NOTHING in your colon. I put that weight on my Driver's License. My new colorectal surgeon is actually pretty funny. He was funny the entire time and I like that he said, "Hank (oncologist) told me to do a colonoscopy and I do whatever he says so I see NO point to poking around up there today if I am just going to see everything anyway." Bullet dodged. BUT it was especially funny when he said, "Okay, so now I usually say something like we don't know what this is, so lets not worry until we know etc. etc." pause...looks at me....looks at me again....."but you look like you are pretty good at this 'dodge the reaper' game, so do you want the pep talk or not?" I shook my head no. I lost my voice this weekend, so he didn't have the pleasure of my gab. He said, "Well, hopefully, you are just a vomit." I looked at him like, "Yeah, whaaa??" "Oh! You don't know that one yet?? Victim Of Medical Imagining Technology. VOMIT!" Yes, let's hope for vomit......gotta go!!!!! Ang

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Auntie Jane said...

Funny! I like his acronym... Sorry about your voice. Too much yodeling???

Thinking of you.
Rainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows
Love, Jane