Monday, January 7, 2008

Vacation is over.

The boys are packed, my bag is ready, and I have my list of questions for the doc in hand. I can't complain. I had two plus weeks with my boys - the longest that I have had since June 11th. I ate amazing food - went to dinner with my family, had a REAL date with my husband, and ate ice cream EVERY DAY. Can't complain. The best way to explain how I feel right now is that I am returning from vacation to a job that I can't stand, but where I really like all the people. I have actually missed everyone (except one nurse, but she works for another oncologist so I don't have to deal with her) from the Arnold Pavilion. I am looking forward to seeing them. I am just not looking forward to the next few days. The good news - time always passes. It will be over soon and I get to go back to MY life until the next time. But that will be over too, and soon enough I will be in Kauai with many of my friends and family enjoying those moments. Better go...have to eat ice cream before I leave for chemo! Happy, Ang


Catwithabook said...

Hey Angie!
I think that alot of people were dreading today, me included. Though certainly not for the same reasons. But like you said it's almost over now and we can start on tomorrow. Did you ever get into you ipod? If not I wish you luck, technology is one of those things. Thinking of you! Em

Anonymous said...

Think Kaauai, warm sand blue sky and the love of family and friends. What else is there?
love pat&mag