Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

So, the last week has been filled with joy, fun, great food, family and friends. Yep, there has been a little pain, but the good news is that I chose to have it rather than having is put on me. All in all, I have loved my break. I don't think I really knew how much I needed it until I got it. I am healing up well. I could have gone faster I suppose, but I wanted to eat certain things that were not "the best" in my situation. It was Christmas and it isn't Christmas if you don't eat the crusted herbs from the prime rib off the cutting board, y'know?! Mason had an amazing Christmas and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to actually make a movie of Christmas morning and put it on the blog. Mason unwrapped EVERYONE's gifts and Nolan played with all the boxes. It was great fun, but the absolute best was the the ride on car that Santa got Mason (because his parents would have never gotten such a thing!). It was so big that we kept it in the garage (after assembling it and storing at Leslie's for a month!). We discovered it because we got a call from Santa to tell us that we forgot a gift in the garage. Mason was amazingly good at driving it and gets better everyday. Nolan is a happy passenger and plays with the radio. What was even better was that on Christmas morning we were out riding and a lot of the neighbors came out to see. Mason loved the attention and showing off his "car" to everyone. Since then he has only run into the curb once, the Focus once, and almost hit my girlfriend's new convertible BMW, but I flung my body in front of him so he hit my legs instead. I am a little bruised as I bruise so easily now, but it was worth it! Can you imagine?!?!?!?!? So, a lot has happened - 90% of it good, 10% slow healing. One final note before I go get my baby started for the my defense, if you received a Christmas card from me this year, yes, it was handmade and stamped, but you should know that they were done in February before Nolan was born. I figured it was going to be a busy year......little did I know HOW BUSY.....and, yes, that makes me a whole new kind of freak to some of you, but you didn't have my Dad as a Dad, so it is not my fault!!!! Off to plan next year's card....just kidding!!!!! Happy Wednesday - Love Ang

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