Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mason went in the POOL!

Half way through the lesson last night Mason finally went in the pool and had a blast! I, of course, wasn't there, but I was home with the phone in hand to call Grant right after the lesson was over. VICTORY! I talked to Mason and we both gleefully cheered, "YEAH MASON!" a couple of times before they went to McDonald's for the french fry celebration. He and Nolan come home today. Things are going pretty well, but of course, I felt well this morning, did too much and now I am struggling a bit. Such is my life - will I ever learn? Or maybe this is the beginning of me truly living in the moment, enjoying it and/or dealing with it. There is one silver lining sort of thing I discovered this week. Beauty tip #2 for those with rectal cancer - when you take two to three sitz bathes a day for eight weeks, your butt is a soft as a baby's. Thought you might want to know. I forgot beauty tip #1, but I am on chemo! Tomorrow, my follow up exam with the radiation oncologist (that should be fun) and my overdue OB appointment. All I need now is a bladder infection and they can look at everything! Good part about tomorrow is that my aunt Donna is coming with me and we are bringing Nolan. It will be the first time I bring one of the kids with me to the cancer center. I thought I would start with Nolan. He is a bit famous there as he was three months old when I was diagnosed. I will let you know how it goes, but I am pretty sure HE will be fine. Happy Thursday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Angie, thank you for keeping us informed about you and your family. Thaks God there is a way to be close to you in some way. We love you! Thank you for teaching us to be positive no matter what. Good luck in your appointment and say hi to aunt Donna for me please. One of your mexican sisters Gabriela Gomez

Darryl Robbins said...

Angela: Thanks for including the rest of the world in your "adventures". You have a talent as a writer, along with all your other skills. Inspiration is something that comes along all too rarely for most of us on any given day. Reading your blog is a warm breeze on a frigid day.

Darryl Robbins