Thursday, January 10, 2008

Morning walk

This morning, after a long night's sleep, and listening to the rain, I went for a walk on the bike trail by my house. The rain was still slipping off the branches of the trees and I could hear the sounds of the city in the background. A breeze came up behind my neck and I looked at the river - the same river I used to look at on the back of my Dad's bike when I was little. I thought about all that had changed between then and now. Sometimes when I walk on the trail I have to go to this one spot. It is a small treed area that I remember even when I was little. I loved it then because it was shade on a hot summer day with my legs sticking to the plastic seat I was strapped to - very uncomfortable I might add. I love it now because I go there, close my eyes, and exhale. I get power from this little tree grove. My problems melt away and I just feel the moment. This round was harder than I thought it was going to be. The physical pain and misery were manageable, it was my mind that I had to take care of. As I walked onto my porch to take off my shoes, the sun came through the clouds and shone right on the door to my house. In those few seconds, it was like the lens of my camera came into focus shifting from a fog and I knew everything was going to be just fine. Exhale. Love, Ang

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Anonymous said...

Drawing Golden memories from the treasure chest of your life experiences is the best way to transition through your current trials. You WILL prevail because even in moments that test you to your core you know what you must do, and you do it. love pat&mag