Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing quite so perfect

Yesterday the kids were driving me nuts....Mason is just so ready for the world and wants to do everything all the time and Nolan, poor thing, is teething and, I think, in a growth spurt. I called Karissa who comes over every Wednesday since school started and helps me with the kids, house, yard, whatever and said, "Can we go somewhere today?!?!? I have to get out of the house or the kids may not make it to tomorrow!" So, we did. Simple errands like the post office, the bank, and then the beloved Target. When we got home, I put both kids down for a nap. Mason fought it all the way. The saying in our house is, "If you are up, you are happy" meaning cranky kids go to bed. Mason sobbed all the way to his room insisting, "I am happy....I am happy...." I responded with, "Saying it and it be true are different things my sweet boy. You are going for a rest." Two and a half hours later, my happy boy was back. Nolan was on schedule and all was good. I gave the kids dinner and a bath before Grant got home and then then suddenedly I was covered on the couch with the green blanket (which transforms the couch from a fire engine to a green boat), with our backpacks (two pillows) and tables (two other pillows) eating snacks. Mason has a lot of rules in this scenario. All body parts must be on the couch. Snacks are only eaten on plates and you cannot under any circumstance lay your head on your backpack. Grant entered the room and Mason said, "Daddy, you're a crab." And so it was, Daddy a crab, then a fish, and then some combination of crab and fish. We had to stay away from him until it was too exciting to get caught by the crab, pulled in the water, and tickled. Thirty minutes into the elaborate world of boats, snacks, backpacks, and fish-crab like creatures, it was time for Mason to go to bed. (Nolan had been asleep for an hour by this time.) Slowly, the crab-fish begins to crawl up the stairs and I say, "Mason the crab is getting away! Go get the crab!" He leaps off the boat, into the water, and declares the crab-fish is now a horse. He climbs on the horse's back and says, "Bye bye Mommy! I love you!" So, I ask, is there anything more precious than that? Ang


Anonymous said...

It most definitely does not get any better than that! What a wonderful world you have all created, full of imagination and love. I dig it. . . . And I want to come over and play.


Anonymous said...

I like the "rules" Mason has for his fantasy life with Mom and Dad, imagination with structure is good at any age. Have a happy weekend!
best always, pat&mag

Anonymous said...

I wonder where he got all this rule oriented thinking from... hmmm