Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Canadian Thanksgiving

Technically, Canadian Thanksgiving was yesterday, but we celebrated on Sunday, so I could go scrapbooking yesterday. It has been a big two days! I cooked a little Thanksgiving dinner. Menu - Bone In Turkey Breast (seriously did you think I could handle an entire Turkey this year?), roasted asparagus, corn (yep, two veges in honor of Peter who makes like seventeen different veges for Thanksgiving), and stuffing (Stove Top - gotta love hydrogenated oils a couple times a year!). We had a bottle of Canadian wine (compliments of Rob and Jen) to add to the festivities and Mom brought dessert. We all ate at the table (except Nolan - Baby Einstein for him!). It was nice. I didn't stress about anything and my mom did ALL the dishes, so what is there to stress about? Scrapbooking yesterday was great. It was just a small group of us. We dished in a good way about what everyone has been doing. It was nice and I got a crap load done. I still got it baby - chat and pound out pages! I was exhausted in a good way when I got home and fell right asleep. Guess what, Nolan is consistently sleeping through the night and, now, his parents are too! Have a great day - did you see the sunrise? - it was AMAZING!, Ang


Grace said...

I DID see the sunrize on Tuesday - it was amazing, wasn't it? Just like you, Ang.

Oh, and your 3 questions to ask are fabulous. Simple, to the point, able to cover 90% of life's issues.

I love you, babe -


Grace said...

Did I actually type "sunrize"....sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, I think yesterday was your "Happy Aniversary", right? Congratulations!!
You and your family are every day in our prayers, also Murbellas kids.
Every morning (at work) I look at the blog but wasn´t able to write, but I tryed today and it worked!
I send you a big hug.