Monday, May 4, 2009

What Country Am I In?

For the past two years, I have been told by my Canadian counterparts that I am receiving "excellent care", "amazingly fast care", "care not to be compared", etc. Well, as you know, my lung surgeon is French-Canadian. Well, turns out that (and I am not sure how if this is correct or not) my "resident" surgeon was Canadian also. How did I know this? Well, when he introduced himself, I began to respond to him like he was my anesthesiologist. He quickly (and I am mean faster than light) corrected me on his role point blank, and, of course, had the accent. So, being who I am, I pointed at his face, wiggling my finger (not shaking - I am way smarter than that) and said, "So, sir, what part of Canada are YOU from?" He took it is stride but was a bit surprised by the question and said, "Originally, or in a couple months?" I said, "Originally." Grant is looking at me like, "How do you do that?!?!?!" The resident surgeon said, "Mainly Vancouver." I replied with, "That guy (pointing to Grant) is from TO and you have quite and accent for Vancouver." He looked at Grant and said, "Oh, I am going there in a couple months." They begin to talk. So, my husband is Canadian, my surgeon is French Canadian, my resident surgeon is also Canadian, and the NHL playoffs are on TV. So, before some of us break out into O Canada, I am thinking, maybe I should have rethought the marrying a Canadian thing especially since now they are all talking about Canada (our home and native land) and I am now not secondary, but WAY DOWN THE LIST OF IMPORTANT THINGS GOING ON. Finally, I am saved by the anesthesiologist who Grant asked as he leaves, "Is he Canadian?" I am like, "Nope - no way." He looks at me like I am a nut bar and I say, "It is a skill, a questionable skill that I can make no money with, but a skill none the less." So, the anesthesiologist comes back and I say to Grant, "So, you going to ask him?" He is like, "No, you ask him." I am like, "I don't care because I already know." So Grant asks him and he says emphatically, "No. What made you think so? All I know about being Canadian is that they love being Canadian, can't stop talking about how great Canada is, they never leave home without their Canadian Flag Pin on their backpack, something else and something else...." I am crying I am laughing so hard at this point. Grant is laughing and said, "Yeah, that is how it is." thinking to himself, "I am so happy that he is not Canadian!" while I am thinking, "You are the American I was looking for all my life!!! I should have married you!!!! Pesky little problem that I met, and feel in love with that guy - you know, the Canadian. Pause. Things settle down, I get my IV, the anesthesiologist gets crap from the nurse that he is using her table and he corrects her point by point on how it actually is his table and not to be confused. I decide that I am staying with my Canadian; same guy; different country. And then everyone walks away and my husband asks, "So, where is he from???" I just look at him and say, "I don't know. The gift only is between countries not regions!" He then takes my hand getting read to say good bye and something like, "I would be way more emotional if I wasn't starving to death....." A true romantic. Then I went off to surgery. So, Canadian readers take heart, my resident surgeon from Vancouver is returning to the homeland permanently. (So, the argument that all of them come here is now completely invalid!!!!) He moves to TO sometime this summer. If he needs anything, I will be giving him some contact numbers. After all he operated on your truly and, from the looks of it, I couldn't have been in better hands. You are lucky to get him. Okay, now you can break into song, "O Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love in all thy sons command......." Gotta take a nap. Happy Monday, Ang


Myrna said...
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leslie kendall said...

I am so glad you are home!!!!!
Now that you are finding out more details about your doctors, any chance you could find out if any of them are single? :)
Love and quick healing to you -

Adriana Meza said...

Hola, Angie: Todos hemos estado muy pendiente de como fue tu cirugía. Estamos muy contentos que ya te encuentres en tu casa, espero que recuerdes tu español. De corazón, seguiremos rezando por tu total recuperación, que Dios te bengiga, un abrazo muy cariñoso y saludos a TODA (your mom, dad, husband and kids). Con mucho cariño.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, we are feeling better, aren't we?

Love you, sweetie. Don't know the melody to "O Canada," or I'd probably be humming it right about now.

Hugs and more hugs,


Shannon said...

ONLY you, YOU, would do something like that right before surgery!!! We missed you hugely on Saturday and again tonight. Your table has already been confiscated with promises to return it to its rightful owner when you return. Take good care -- I'm calling tomorrow!!!

Lots of loves!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you are home and back to your funny, sassy self!

Love to you and your whole family.

Ty said...

yes we are proud, of you and our country. Just click the link and enjoy the beautiful sounds.


Anonymous said...

I'm just lovin it - I got quite a chuckle from your entry and then Ty's.

Luv Marie
Your "Canadian" sister-in-law