Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick update

I am doing just fine. I am a little disappointed that I didn't heal faster to go to the next surgery, but everyone thought 10 days would be a little quick. Apparently, some rules apply to me. I am slowly getting better. The bruises from my IV are healing and my incision seems to be healing well. I am getting in my walks and my exercises. It is easy here at my Mom and Dad's. The hardest part for me is doing nothing especially in someone else's house. It is just not in my nature to do nothing. But, if I do too much, I pay. On Saturday, I did too much and paid for it on Sunday. I could hardly move, felt ill most of the day, and slept more than I was up. This morning, I helped Nolan up from a spill not even thinking about it. For my efforts, I got shooting pains down my torso until I slept for two hours to let it work itself out. While it feels ridiculous, I also try and remember that a bunch of guys just had their hands in my chest less than two weeks ago. Thursday I will know more about when the next surgery will be. I meet at the surgeon's office for my stitches to be removed, a checkup to see how I am healing, etc. I imagine we will talk about the next one then, or a least have a target date that will have to be approved by my oncologist and, of course, the surgeon. Friday I should have something to say about what will happen next. Right now, I am trying to accept my body's healing process and am actually enjoying my family's company with everyone together. Mason is thrilled that I am staying here with him and Nolan is speaking to me again, so everything is going in the right direction. I hope you are enjoying your week of surprise sunshine. Take Care, Ang

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