Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things are moving along...

Drugs are good. I am slowly getting better. I do my walks which should not be so impressive. They are 10 mins longs and I am way slower than the tortoise ever was. I show everyone that stops by my scar and wonder why I purchased two new bras last week. Yeah, let me just jump back into those! Ouch. Things that I learned in this part of my journey is that if you say you like a drug too much, they don't prescribe it to you. DARN! If you have a sensitivity to tape you should remember that before you leave tape on for seven days without skin protectant and then wonder why your skin aches and blisters. And finally, I am so glad that I didn't do both sides at the same time - how would I sleep? It is hard enough now sitting up in our chair in the living room or on one side in bed but only for a few hours at a time. It still hurts to cough, but worse to yawn. I do have my "pillow" that helps me do both. My aunt bought if for me and it says "Rockstar" on it. It is a pillow sized like her husband's when he went through lung surgery. Of course, his didn't say "Rockstar". That was just for me. I am finally getting through all my email, magazines, etc. and I finally got why I kept finding Elmo Bookmarks in some of my magazines - very funny Nanette!!!! So, I am doing well. Everyone has made it very easy for me to rest easy. I am going to rock the boat a little bit tomorrow. Tomorrow, Mason's preschool class has a special Mom's Day presentation and I can't miss that. So, tomorrow, I am going to put on mascara, do something simple with my hair, Karissa will pick me up and guard me from being tackled by my two boys and I will go listen to Mason sing to me with his class. I think that is worth a little set back, don't you? Happy Wednesday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I've been keeping track of your progress on the blog. You are doing awesome!!! Little steps everyday...may not seem like much but soon they turn into bigger steps and your across the room (or onto your next project)
Oh how I remember those darling preschool Mother's Day celebrations. Enjoy, it's worth alittle set back but don't too much. I'm thinking and praying for you.
Sunday I ran the Tacoma Half Marathon. I prayed alot for you through out the race, it helped me keep going. Just wanted to thank YOU for helping me out. I figure if you can fight this and be a "rockstar" I can definately handle sore legs.
You are my hero. Keep up the good progress.
Loved your Canadien stories. My in-laws are Canadien. One from Toronto and one from Winsor. Cracks me up when you talk about them. My mother in law always says "AI" after every questions.
Have a good one,
Your unmet friend

Haley said...

so glad to hear the good updates ang. and i can't wait to see you tomorrow at preschool! i will try to resist giving you a hug but please know i would give you a GREAT BIG ONE if i could. praying for you my friend.

Daria said...

I sure liked your post today ... very heartwarming ... all the best to you.

MacGyver said...

May I suggest the "Pillow Bird Nest" for sleeping??
1. Gather every pillow that you can reasonably get your hands on, bed...sofa..whatever. Put pillow cases on all ( for sleeping semi-upright drool protection for pillows that will return to public spaces).
2. Kick your beloved Canadian/ Hubby right out of the bed.
3. Build a semicircular birdnest for yourself (or go wild and build a circle) out of the plethora of pillows.
4. Plop yourself in the middle with arms outstretched like Cleopatra (or whatever you can do with an ouchy side).
5. Luxuriate in the knowledge that you can sleep semi-upright and no matter which direction you slip toward...your not goin down....well all the way anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Ang. There is no keeping you down! Take care of yourself and this too will pass. Enjoy your day at the preschool celebration and know that everyone is pulling for you. Prayers and smiles are coming your way. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, hope you can all be together. Love you, Judi G.

Anonymous said...

Ang, We are so happy to hear you are on your feet, semi mobile and taking the time to enjoy the finer things in life... like mascara and listening to your children sing. Your courage is amazing and we wish you well. Hoping to see you soon.
Peter, Jo-Ann, Amelia and Paige,
North Vancouver, BC