Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned

According to the chest tube doctor on early Friday morning, the procedure was going to take no time at all and Angie would be on her way home in an hour. An hour later, Angie was in excruciating pain and a couple hours after that she had an inpatient bed - and was still in pain. Her pain got a little better with midday meds and much better by evening. Her lung surgeon was in surgery all day, but he gave her the good stuff when he saw her around 6PM. Angie is still in the hospital as of Sunday night. It appears that she has an ongoing leak from her right lung and her chest tube needs to be hooked up to the vacuum machine to keep the lung inflated so she can heal properly and she needs to be in the hospital to use the vacuum machine. She may get out of the hospital on Monday but she'll need to carry around a chest tube drainage thingamadobobber - the plan changes frequently, so we'll just have to wait and see. She is still scheduled for left lung surgery on Friday and she'll probably have the right lung chest tube in until then. On a positve note, it sure was a nice weekend. High 70s and sunny. Mason had a special "Spring Tea" event at day care on Friday. We had swim lessons on Saturday, the boys and I planted the vegetable garden on Sunday, and I coaxed Mason through a 2 mile bike ride - I'm still not sure who that was more painful for, but we made it through without a major breakdown. We also had a visit with mommy in the hospital on Saturday evening. The boys enjoyed the view and the milkshakes mommy ordered for them. We all enjoyed our little family time together and it helped rebalance emotions. Angie is doing better now than she was a couple days ago since she can see the end of this process in view. She'll give you an update this week if she gets out of the hospital for a few days.
Enjoy your week. Do something fun.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the update. We will all be praying. Glad you could enjoy some time with the boys and the sunshine.
Your unmet friend

Vicki Olafson said...

Really appreciate the update Grant and glad you and the boys got some great outdoor time. Ang - sorry you are dealing with a few complications but it's all a means to an end...a good end! Remember that song.."if you're going through hell, keep on going.." Hang in there, sending lots of gentle hugs and prayers your way.